Rome “caput mundi” gives you an unlimited number of places where to go to feel magic sensations, and when you think you have seen everything you could, you actually find a new narrow lane or a monument you had missed.


The lake of Nemi is a volcanic basin, located near the Albani hills, in the area of the Castelli Romani. During the ancient times, the lake already was an amusing place for holidays, chosen by the rich Roman families.


The ancient Latin poets used to say: "Roma caput mundi", the capital of an empire of almost global dimensions. But we should say Ostia also had an important role, according to its size.


The Eur is one of the most original and innovative districts in the city.


The Basilica di San Paolo fuori le mura is situated in Rome, and it is one of the four papal basilicas. After St. Peter’s, it surely is the biggest one, and it deserves a visit for its solemnity, but also for the richness of its treasures.


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