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Rome Hints
Your new guide to Rome!

Precious advices about what to visit, what kind of food you should taste and where to sleep.

A perfect manual that will guide you through the magic places of roman spirit and it will reveal you the exclusives location of one of the most loved cities in the world. A guide set up specifically to let you discover the beauties of Rome and more: what to eat, where to sleep and the sights not to be missed!
Let Rome Hints inspire you, it is your touristic guide at your fingertips, always with you.

Visiting Rome: the Crypta Balbi of the National Roman Museum, an entire old district to be discovered

The Crypta Balbi is situated in an archaeological area in Sant'Angelo district, in Rome. You can get there by Via delle Botteghe Oscure, not far from the religious area of Largo Argentina.

Rome in a cup: ice cream in Rome, from Nero till nowadays

Who does not like the fresh and delicious taste of ice cream in the world? Probably nobody!
Oh yes, because nobody can resist a good refreshing ice cream, and in front of a nice stuffed cone we all become children, and we let ourselves be pervaded by its sweetness.

Events in Rome: DREAM - Art meets dreams - Chiostro del Bramante

Rome, focus of artistic and cultural heritage par excellence, also promotes events about art in all its forms and expressions. The exhibition "Dream" will actually take place in Rome, this year.

Holidays in Rome: discovering contemporary architecture in Rome

Nine out of ten tourists visiting Rome for the first time are so concentrated on the most prestigious works to often neglect the buildings of more recent realization, belonging to the architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Fun facts about Rome Rome: a city haunted by ghosts...

It has always been said Rome, the Eternal city, has always been populated by many spirits of popes, nobles, artists and even emperors.


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Precious advices for your stay in Rome

The Inn At the roman forum

Located just a few steps from some of the oldest and most precious ruins in Rome, including the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
It boasts charming views of the Campidoglio, Palatin Hill, the Roman Forum and Venice Square. The Inn at The Roman Forum is the only luxury residence in Rome which actually houses Roman Ruins within it's walls.

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Hotel Panama Garden

The Hotel Panama Garden, a four-star hotel in Rome, recently restored, is located in the heart of the city, a few minutes from the best tourist attractions such as the Catacombs of Santa Priscilla, Villa Borghese, famous shopping districts, Luiss university and more.

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Hotel Ariston Roma

Here at Hotel Ariston we want to make you feel at home!
The Hotel Ariston is located in the historic center of Rome, a few minutes from the ancient walls of the city between Porta Pia and the Quirinal Palace, near the famous Via Veneto and Termini station, where the main ministers and foreign embassies are located.

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The Inn at the Roman Forum The Inn at the Roman Forum
Hotel Panama Garden Hotel Panama Garden
Hotel Ariston Hotel Ariston
Hotel Morgana Hotel Morgana

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