Amor Roma: discovering the most romantic places in the Eternal City

Surely, when you think about Rome, the first places you visualise are those of the Eternal City everyone in the world knows, such as the Colosseum and the Basilica di San Pietro.
However, Rome is a reality where you can find a variety of romantic and full of charm places, as it is so special.
But which are the symbols of the "Amor Rome"? If you want to find out where to go with your partner to spend romantic and unforgettable moments during your stay in the Italy's most important city, you will find the way to satisfy this curiosity and to plan a perfect trip in this article.

The tour to discover the most romantic places in Rome
With no doubt, speaking about the most romantic spots of the Eternal City, we have to start from the Giardino degli Aranci - the Orange trees garden - which is rightly considered one of the symbols of Rome, and so always placed in the suggested itineraries to discover the beauties of the city. Once you get in the garden your expectations will not be disappointed, and the memory of beautiful moments spent with your loved partner will never disappear.
Located on the Aventino hill, it allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of Rome and to quietly walk surrounded by the orange fragrances, getting astonished by it. The best moment of the day to visit the garden definitely is the sunset, a great background for a romantic kiss surrounded by the tender smell this park offers to its visitors.
Of course, when you talk about the combination of romanticism and Rome, Villa Borghese occupies a very relevant position. Born by the creativity of architect Flaminio Ponzio, it is the best known park of the Eternal City, and a perfect mix of sculptures, fountains and nature, dominated by monumental trees and a lake, and it is one of the most popular places not only for tourists, but also by the Romans themselves. If you are looking for a place where to walk hand in hand, far from the chaos of the city, Villa Borghese is the perfect choice.
Near it - excellent if you want to spend a whole afternoon full of romanticism - there are the Giardini del Pincio – the Pincio gardens - characterised by their extreme tranquillity and easy to be reached: by a small bridge connecting them to Villa Borghese. Their point of strength is the splendid view of Rome they offer. Moreover, during your stay to Rome, you will feel the need of a quiet place where to chat surrounded by the nature, this garden is perfect.

The most famous places for perfect romantic moments in Rome
The Tiber is one of the several symbols of Rome, and walking near it, you will be able to discover another romantic place the Eternal City has to offer: Sant'Angelo Bridge, from where you will be able to enjoy a splendid and unforgettable sight on Castel Sant'Angelo. Perhaps, you don't know sweethearts are usual make love promises and kisses there.
However, if today this is one of the places of the "Amor Rome", you should know in the past, Sant'Angelo Bridge was exactly the opposite of a love place: they used to show the corps of those who were executed because accused of heresy by the Church.

Fortunately, it is very far past, and Sant'Angelo Bridge is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city, where lovers meet themselves and dream their the feeling gets eternal. Talking about Rome and love we cannot forget Piazza del Campidoglio.
In addition of being the site of some municipal offices where marriages are celebrated, the public square has something magic concerning love: it is not casual every couple catches a picture or stops there to admire the beauty of this place, allowing visitors to discover some peculiar narrow lanes of the city.
Obviously, in this list of romantic places, we can't miss to mention Fontana di Trevi, one of the symbols of the city and where almost everybody goes to express a desire, launching a coin in the water of the fountain. A fun fact you probably don't know is connoted to a little fountain on its left: the legend tells the lovers who stop to drink there will be together for all their life: very romantic, isn't it?

From the Gianicolo to the Sisto Bridge: other romantic places in Rome
Surely, you have now understood Rome is absolutely perfect for a romantic trip. However, there are at least three other places worth a visit if you want a full of love holiday. The first is the Gianicolo: the panorama you enjoy from there is the essence of the city.
If you're looking for a romantic trip out of the town, this area of Rome is perfect. One of its strong points is it is a place not too crowded by tourists, very suitable if you want to spend some romantic moments in peace.
Near the Tiber, it is worth to mention the walk along the river is a definitely must for anyone in love. The reason is it is just perfect for a walk hand in hand, especially when the sunset begins, and the day gives the way to the night. And concerning walks with your beloved, we also advise you what is considered the most romantic walk ever done: the Zodiaco walk, to enjoy a spectacular panorama of all the historical centre. If also this is not enough for you, you can decide to go to the fascinating Sisto Bridge, better in the late evening.

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