Anzio: one of the most beautiful seaside tourist destinations in the Lazio region

Anzio is a little town not far from Rome, melting sea, nature and history. Getting there from Rome is very easy, the location is great and the warm climate makes it one of the most famous destinations of the central coast, all over the year. It got awarded by the Bandiera Blu – beautiful and clean Italian award – several times, as for its pure water. It’s fresh, clean, not too deep, along a coast rich in different types of beaches for anybody.
The establishments are well-equipped, and they offer excellent services, as well as the hotels of the area, making Anzio the capital of welcome. It is considered one of the best ones along the coast, celebrated in the famous movie “Armacord”, by Fellini.
The first human presence there dates back to the Neolithic: it was one of the most outstanding political and cultural centres of the Volsci people, lately connected to the Roman people. The fall of the empire gave birth to a decadent period during the Middle Ages, to revive at the beginning of the 17th century, thanks to Pope Innocenzo XII. The change was evident, but the town had to be set of one of the most tragic battles of the Allies, against the enemy German troops, during the WWII.

Natural parks and gardens make Anzio the pearl of Lazio coast
Staying in Anzio means spending healthy days, discovering natural landscapes far from the mass tourism chaos. The “Riserva Naturale di Tor Caldara” is a little corner of heaven, surrounded by an urban area, being the last part of Nettuno’s wood.
It is an outstanding natural and hydro-geological area, rich in the Mediterranean vegetation, wild fauna and birds – it is a migration corner.
A few kilometres from Anzio, you can visit the Giardini della Landriana: a great occasion to admire the flowers, perfumes and colours of this wonderful oasis, on the Roman coast. The green area – by Marquess Lavinia Taverna’s idea, from her passion for botanic, and designed by Russel Page – is made of theme gardens giving the name to the park. You will be also able to have a tour at the natural provincial reserve of “Villa Borghese di Nettuno”, built in 1674, then inherited by the Borghese’s family. Its position and architecture remember a little decorated castle, surrounded by Renaissance garden from the 17th century, and make it a precious jewel in the heart of Lazio coast. There are some migrating birds, such as the Eurasian scops owl, barn owls, greenfinches, golfinches, blackcaps, and blackbirds.
The “Lido dei Gigli” hosts a big pinewood till the sand, where there are the wild lilies, also called the “gigli di mare” so giving the name to the place.
A park of moraceae, hollm oaks, corks, maples, and maritime pines has been built.

Nero residence and the Museo dello Sbarco di Anzio
Anzio will astonish you for its wide historical, artistic, and cultural heritage, too. Birth place of two emperors of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, it is very connected to Nero, as there is a very famous archaeological complex, where the Nero caves are situated, together with some buildings remains near the port, Nero’s residence – once 800 metres on the top, facing in front of the sea, rebuilt many times. It was made of pavilions, thermal baths – with the well-preserved calidarium, from Severus period -, gardens, fountains, terraces and the creation of some pavillions during Hadrian’s period.
You can’t miss the Museo dello Sbarco di Anzio, opened on the fiftieth anniversary, in January 22nd, 1994.
The four sections exhibit uniforms, weapons, decorations, documents, battle plans, veterans’ pictures, for a touching and one-of-a-kind and touching historical reconstruction, for exhaling peace and against the war. In 2004, the city received a golden medal for awarding the strength the citizens had, by the President of the Republic.

Anzio, surrounded by golden beaches and good food
There are many beaches where to sunbath, so Anzio is a very common destination for tourists looking for a clean and blue sea. One of the most beautiful ones is Tor Caldara: a big, long, golden sand beach, surrounded by dunes, wet by a transparent and blue sand seabed, with peculiar sulfuric water sources, perfect for bathing.
Seafood has always attracted tourists and experts in Anzio, thanks to its freshness and the flavours peculiarities of the Roman food serving fish – the poor fish as it’s said. Nowadays the offer is very huge, renewed, serving very good wine, for a perfect gourmet menu.
You can’t miss the fish soup “alla portodanzese”, made of sepias and octopus dressed with oil, garlic, and chili pepper, served seasoned with salted anchovies, tomatoes, mussels, and clams, too.

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