Are you ready to join the fray? Discover Rome and its discotheques!

Rome fascination attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world. After a long day spent discovering monumental beauties telling you about centuries of history, even the nightlife is really worth a great deal in the capital.

Discotheques are all over the city and are assaulted by young Roman guys and tourists.

There are many clubs where you can go to dance till the early morning, dancing to the rhythm of many different music styles. There are so many choices, lot of fun for everybody at any age.

As it is the capital, it often hosts music events and very important people, so lot of fun never misses in Rome.

If you are planning a journey or you are already there and you don’t know what to do, this guide will offer you the information to enjoy the night life of the city, so rich and exciting you will want to stay more. We suggest you to add some days to your journey: visiting Rome is a so great experience you can’t come just for a few time.


Best districts and discotheques in Rome

As Rome is a great metropolis and going to a place to another in can take a lot of time, the first step to take is to know the best places where to go in the various districts, so you if you don’t know the city and how to travel around it, you can find some itineraries and take note of the nearest clubs.

The most famous districts in Rome are Eur, Ponte Milvio and the city centre, where you can find the most popular clubs, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, some clubs open also during the other days, and it is a very clever idea, especially during the summer or festivities.

If you like theme nights, you will find what you are looking for in many discotheques, where the events are very successful and make a basic night in a unforgettable moment.


Eur district

The starting point of our nightlife itinerary is the Eur district. The Smaila’s Roma is a great piece of news, a new club, named by the musician Umberto Smaila, regularly giving live shows, with his band, hosting lots of famous guests.

The discotheque Futurarte is very trendy, with its restaurant too; it is famous for live music, djs, aperitifs and dinner-shows and it is very crowdie on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you are looking for a great location, Spazio 900 is the right place for you, hosting the greatest events and djs coming from the best European clubs, for unforgettable parties. If you like also art and culture, Room 26 will astonish you, with a vintage night on Fridays and disco on Saturday: you will jump in a great artistic experience.


The city centre

The Piper Club surely is the most historically popular one, from more than 50 years, where some famous artists got famous, such as Renato Zero and Patty Pravo.

Concerts and nights there have always attracted famous Italian and international singers and musicians, such as the Beatles.

If you choose this discotheque, you have to know you will listen to live music, pop, rock and indie music. On Fridays, you will find vintage music, from 70s to 90s and on Saturdays it hosts younger people, playing commercial and electronical music.

From the commercial gallery in Villa Borghese the Vibe pumps hard, playing hip-pop, electronic, house and commercial music.

If you are looking for something very elegant, the Cabala Club is perfect with no doubts, in a great three floors building, from 1400, near Navona square. There is also a bar and a restaurant there, it’s open on Fridays and Saturdays only, and selection at the entrance is very exigent, as it is a very refined club for elegant visitors.

Not far from the Colosseum, there is the Os Club, a restaurant/discotheque offering various events during the week, as the dinner show on Thursdays and the brunch on Sundays. We recommend it especially during the summer, when it gets into an open air club, with a big garden and the swimming pool.


Ponte Milvio district

If you stay in the area of Ponte Milvio, you can’t miss the Chalet nel Bosco, near the Stadio Olimpico. You should know it has a double identity: during the cold months is a typical mountain location, but during the summer it gets into the Bosco delle Fragole, a funny and smart idea.

Mostly attended by young people, its music repertory, its events and aperitifs will astonish you. During the summer, you can’t miss the dance hall outside in the green garden called wood, as the Italian name Bosco.

Let’s conclude out list with the La Villa, one of the most popular discotheques, offering a great panorama of the city, from the Collina Fleming hill.

If you want to spend a more refined aperitif and a dinner with live music after it, well you can’t make a better choice.

So what? Going wild in Rome will be…great!

Do you want to stay in Rome?

For this location we recommend The Inn At The Roman Forum, a luxury residence in the center of Rome with a modern design.

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