Burning Summer Sales: where to go to do shopping in the capital

The capital is a tentacle metropolis, visited by millions of tourists every year, to admire what has been the centre of the West, for centuries.
Place of the Catholic religion birth, Rome is an appointment the believers can't miss at the end of their pilgrimage. Everybody looking for history, art and culture can't miss Rome as a focus of everything. In Rome, you can visit ancient Christian tombs but also modern artists exhibitions, and you can taste the local food, characterized by famous dishes, such as Carbonara or Gricia, Abbacchio a scottadito, Carciofi alla giudia, Porchetta from Ariccia, drinking white wine from Castelli Romani.
There are many occasions to visit Rome, especially during the beautiful seasons. From the Pincio, Gianicolo, Giardino degli Aranci or Zodiaco, on Monte Mario, you can see a city seems to be a painting. Rome is not like the other capitals, and this is its typical feature, making it one of a kind. Rome is also a Shopping Center, as in the center you can see elegant shops and commercial centers in the outskirts, you can easily reach, in a city offering anything people need to buy, taking advantage of summer sales, always offered by Roman shops.

The avenues of shopping in the capital
If you don't know the city very well and you would like to do shopping during your stay, you have to know that there are some specific avenues for doing shopping. They are commercial street where you can find interesting deals you can't miss. Let's see a map of the areas where there are many shops.

City Centre: the most famous clothing, accessories and objects brands are situated in the city centre. Some famous streets are Via Frattina, Via Della Croce, Via del Corso, Piazza di Spagna, via Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Nazionale. Cartier, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Prada and so on: the shops offer the best of the exclusive production from the last collections and also items and sales.

Via Appia Nuova: this long street starting in Piazza San Giovanni and reaching Quarto Miglio, offers hundreds of shops where to buy anything. At the beginning of the street, there is the famous market of Via Sannio, where you can buy new and second-hand items, great deals for people loving saving money. It is a Commercial Street, obviously, because it's full of shops selling many different cheap products. There are many stops of the underground there, but you must be good walkers to visit all the shops there.

Via Candia, Via Giulio Cesare, Via Ottaviano, Via Cola di Rienzo: it is the northern area, between Trionfale and Prati districts. Not far from the Vatican City, there are some streets dedicated to shopping, where you can find good deals especially during the summer. The reason is that during the holidays season, Roman citizens don't go around for shopping, so the shops try to invite tourists to buy any kind of items for good deals.
As it usually happens in the big metropolis, Rome has its commercial centres where a lot of shops are concentrated to offer everything to their visitors. Coming from the United States, the commercial centres are situated in the outskirts usually, to facilitate cars to reach them, and offering comfort and services to invite people. All of them are provided with parking - internal and external, useful when it's raining - offering an ideal climate thanks to Air-conditioning and heating systems, making walking a pleasure.

Commercial Centres of Rome
Making a list of all the commercial centres in Rome and nearby would be similar to copy the telephone register, so we want to tell you about just some of the most important ones, according to the richness of shops, their history and their popularity.
Our list is made of:

Centro Commerciale Cinecittà Due in Tuscolano district, Centro Commerciale Primavera in Casilino-Centocelle -Prenestino district, Centro Commerciale Anagnina in the south of Rome, Centro Commerciale Romaest in Collatina district, Centro Euroma2 in Eur district, Centro Commerciale I Granai in Via Appia Antica, Dima Shopping in Bufalotta, Centro Commerciale Tor vergata, Centro Commerciale La Romanina, Centro Commerciale Happio in Via Appia Nuova, Parco Leonardo near Fiumicino, Centro Consorzio Torresina in Via Boccea and Centro Commerciale Casetta Mattei.

If you want to do shopping and you can visit Rome, you can choose where to go now, and we know that you will find your best deal, during your shopping afternoon, along the capital streets

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