Christmas lights in the capital


If the most beautiful city in the world is usually attracting on every single day of the year, the show it can offer during the Christmas period will take your breath away.

It is one of the most suggestive moments of the whole year, adults and children can’t wait for it.

And decorations are what obviously make this atmosphere so involving and encouraging, in this city, exceptional witness of the history.

Christmas lights and decorations, music, joy and cheerfulness fill in every Roman square, getting it a comfortable and merry place where to set up Christmas songs by street artists, and celebrities never miss in Rome.

If you should meet a big but good eyes man, don’t worry, you just have to know that also Santa Claus does shopping in Rome.


Christmas lights in the capital

Every metropolitan city makes Christmas a famous event, many people deeply feel this festivity as a religious event, rich in mysticism, and other ones celebrate the tradition recurring in the period during which you usually give peace and happiness more than ever.

However, there something sure: Rome fascination gets unparalleled, decorated by thousands of Christmas lights and it is wonderful and attracting.

Anybody, citizens and tourists, will have to look up, without stopping looking at this city, cheeky and aware of its beauty; it shows itself as a beautiful woman wearing her best outfit, to the curious glazes of people.

Every year, Rome Christmas decorations appear renewed, exalted by lights and ornaments.

Every square, even the Colosseum, has its own monumental Christmas Tree, decorated by its presents.


8th December in Venezia square and Corso street

On the 1st December, you can already breathe the merry atmosphere of the Holy Christmas. This date sets a magic border on the calendar, and after it, you fall in a new, fascinating and suggestive dimension. Rome lights get more shining than ever, decorate the central streets, enriching monuments and squares. But the traditional ceremony to celebrate the lighting of the big Christmas tree, by the mayor, takes place on the 8th December, in front of the Vittoriano, in Venezia square. It usually is a majestic tree given by other towns or institutions to the capital, standing on a big concrete basis.

The happy crowd lightens the scene by the numerous flashes on the square, accompanied by the songs played by the Police Fanfara.

A fantastic ceremony you can’t miss, ending with the lighting of the lights in Corso street.


Lights in Condotti street and Spagna square

Another event, actually traditional during the Christmas period in Rome is the sumptuous and luxurious lighting of the lights in Condotti street, one of the most famous shopping avenues all over the world, as Montenapoleone in Milan or the Fifth Avenue in New York.

Among many curious people everywhere, here the traditional ceremony of the Carabinieri band takes place, in a concert playing the classical Christmas songs and military marches, for the joy of adults and children.

Thousands of bright and colourful lights please the eyes making the street much more elegant than usual, up to the royal Spagna square, where a great Christmas tree stands on Trinità dei Monti stairs.

Famous cinema and music stars take part to the ceremony, as excellent testimonials, together with politicians and other famous people.


Saint Peter’s square

In the monumental Saint Peter’s square, it is possible to assist to a one of a kind show, when the Christmas tree lights enrich the exclusive led lights of the dome and the front of the building, recently installed. The tree vertex seems to challenge the beauty of the dome, stretching towards the sky.

The wonderful presepe in the middle of the square decorates the scenery, commemorating the nativity. In the square, destination of many pilgrimages, Christmas symbols are usually connected to charity events, as some very beautiful presepi are usually stored and lately exposed, as it happened last Christmas, when the presepe was exposed in the Basilica of the Nativity of Bethlehem on Pope Francesc’s request.


Lights, trees, presepi and little markets

In Rome, nothing is casual, as the Termini station, decorated by colourful lights, songs, happy bells, in a city atmosphere smelling of cinnamon and star anise of the vin brûlé.

You can see the same exhibition also in Mignanelli square: in the crowded Galleria Alberto Sordi there is a great shining tree, supported by luminous vines, similar to jewels, connected to the windows around it. It is a luxurious framework for breakfast and lunch people have, before going around the Christmas markets, looking for the best presepi.

Rome offers a lot of entertaining, so that even if it doesn’t snow or lakes aren’t ice, it is possible to skate on the courses around the city, as you can find in the Porta di Roma commercial centre, at the Ice Village Roma or at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Lights create great choreographies and fantastic settings, warm and comfortable, also in the prestigious and famous Christmas markets. There, it will be possible to have a hot drink and a snack, looking for the best objects to decorate the house during the Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner.

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