Discovering Sperlonga: archaeological and naturalistic treasures

Sperlonga is a little city in the South of Lazio region, facing on the Tirrenian coast: thanks to its artistic and archaeological beauties, together with the wonderful sea, it has gained the position in the ranking of the most beautiful Italian places, and the Blue Flag - certification of a great sea. These acknowledgements - together with high quality services for tourists, and excellent food offer, and one-of-a-kind views made it one of the most loved touristic destinations in the country.

Sperlonga, a picturesque village rich in history
It was a holiday resort for patrician people during the Roman age, and you can actually see emperor Tiberius residence there. The official information about the village began from the 10th century. After ups and downs that saw local people defending themselves by incursions and attempts to conquer by the Ottoman pirates, its fate was linked for centuries to the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, until the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy, in 1861. The town has a typical perched appearance, making it peculiar and suggestive. The city centre is characterized by narrow lanes and steep steps, and you can see the central Tower and the Nibbio Tower if you look through the typical buildings of the place. The Church of Sperlonga - the only one important religious building - has taken advantage of a recent restyling, showing a modern pyramid structure.

The famous residence of Tiberius, with its museum, reveals the precious architectural
heritage the historical events and strategic position gave to Sperlonga.
It is a real archaeological treasure whose remains - characterized by different architectural styles - clearly show it was a big residence. By the time it has been enriched by several rooms, a big court, sculptors, little waterfalls and water games. There is also an artificial island created to amuse the guests at the time, hosting the summer dining room, the "caenatio". After the fall of the Roman Empire a community of monks settled there, abandoning it just later to move two more protected areas.
At the entrance you can see the Archaeological National Museum, hosting several remains of the than residence, especially statues. They have been restored for a lot of time, and so you can nowadays see important marble groups. There is also a wide exhibition of objects witnessing the long edge of the residence and the several economic and social activities taking place there.
Strictly connected to the Saracen danger, the Truglia tower is situated in the middle of the sea front on a big rock. The tower was built on the coast - where some Roman ancient towers were situated to defend it. Unfortunately, probably because of its strategic value, it was attacked many times by the ottomans and the pirates. It and its original role were back when the Turkish power ended in the Mediterranean Sea, in the 18th century. It was restored many times, and nowadays it hosts the centre for marine environment education of the "Parco Naturale Regionale Riviera d'Ulisse".
Wide sandy beaches and a clear and fresh sea are the trademarks of Sperlonga Sperlonga is the perfect place for people loving long and large beaches, characterized by a fine and clean send, where to play any kind of Sport. The bathing establishments are very well kept, almost all equipped with many amenities such as umbrella service, restaurants just a few steps from the sea, large bars to enjoy a snack at lunch and sip an aperitif at sunset. Very big, they provide comfort and privacy even during the most crowded weeks. The reception - as everywhere in the city - is characterised by kindness and availability, to offer a good solution also to the last minute tourists. The sea is clear, fresh, sandy and not too deep. Near the fortress, there is a little water source, making the sea even more fresh. Spending long days in the water and sunbathing there are extremely wonderful, thanks to the pleasant breeze on the coast.
The climate is the typical one you can find on the south Tirrenian coast, not to rainy, making Sperlonga a good destination four five or six months per year. May, June and September are fantastic months to go there, thanks to the possibility of enjoying excellent temperatures and less crowded tourism.

Hospitality & entertainment
Despite of its little size, Sperlonga has all the facilities the tourists need. Luxury hotels with all the modern comforts are located both in the pretty old town as close to the sea. Cheap hotels are not missing, bed and breakfast, residencies, campings and houses you can rent - the favourite alternative at the moment.
The little and crowded square is full of bars. The restaurants - most of them in strategic locations, where you can enjoy breathtaking views - offer the best of Lazio and Mediterranean culinary delights. In the evening the narrow lanes of the town get full of people waiting for tasting aperitifs, wines and cocktails, in the comfortable lounge bars in the city centre and along the coast. For wildest nights, not far from Sperlonga, you will find the main nightlife club of the area, the Fortino.

Sperlonga is a little gem, a destination got special thanks to increase of value it head, where to leave a complete travel experience. The village is able to offer an ideal mix of relax, wellness, beautiful sea, but also history, art, monuments, and the rich social life.

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