Enotica: the immortal combination of wine and Eros

The Eternal City: the place where art and Culture can offer several activities and events to the tourists visiting it. Among the several events Rome offers, every year Enotica takes place: a festival dedicated to wine and sensuousness, the perfect mix for the wine lovers. A so important festival could be hosted only in a very peculiar location.
Enotica actually took place at the Forte Prenestino as usual, a self-managed community centre open since 1986, offering cultural, musical and food and beverage events, to promote the Italian tradition. Within the historical Centocelle district, were several unforgettable movies have taken place from the 8th edition of Enotica was a success as usual. .

Three days of tastings in Enotica: wine excellence and sensuousness.
Enotica is an extremely appreciated event, by an always crowded audience, getting better taste the local wine, drinking the best red and white Italian wine, watching cultural, music, and artistic shows and exhibitions. Everything takes place in a very sensible atmosphere, the perfect background for a very aphrodisiac event.
Special guest of the event is the wine, in all its features, famous and less known brands by the made in Italy, with the introduction of even more popular organic and biodynamic wines, together with products with no chemicals to respect the environment. The whole event takes place without any speculation, completely outside the circuit of mass production.
The high quality wine is the secret of Enotica: we are talking about that kind of wine you can't find in the great distribution, hard to be found because dedicated to experts. Overall, the event welcome more than 60 certified wine makers, together with the Farmers making this miracle possible.

Wine and quality food: style tastings
High quality food is served to accompany the great quality wine by a great Italian food tradition former by a model of production addicted to the respect of the environment and to sustainability. Enotica involves the best companies, offering them the possibility of showing their products, exalting their flavours by wine.
Each glass must be tasted eating the typical homemade cheese, with salami and certified hams, honey by natural production, organic food and baked products, just to offer the real Roman and Italian food tradition. Enotica proposes only organic food to preserve the biodiversity so important for our country heritage. Moreover, food is necessary to provide Eros with his best weapon that is the aphrodisiac food, creating a very relaxing atmosphere together with the wine, in a wonderful and unforgettable mix of smells and flavours. Enotica offers a complete overview of the reason why Italy is famous all over the world: the variety of its jealously protected richness.

Music, art and culture to accompany the great Italian wines
Enotica is not only a great event dedicated to wine and Italian food, but a festival offering its visitors a stimulating and original atmosphere, to activate the senses and contextualize wine in its natural setting: from the exhibition in the underground of the Forte Prenestino, thanks to famous underground artists, symbol of the counterculture, to live performances by artists living art in a very deep way.
Several different types of music make the soundtrack of Enotica, from dance music, to live shows, also hosting foreign artists. Among these, African groups receive peculiar attention in order to preserve their rhythm and culture.

Enotica: a story from the 2004
Enotica was created by a project by the oenologist Luigi Veronelli, to protect the Italian production. It immediately gained a great success, liked by an audience always interested in discovering the made in Italy companies.
Enotica wants to let the people discover the multi-sensory experience, very important to taste good wine. Waking up all the senses, you can actually discover thousands of aromatic details featuring these great wines, distinguishing each hill they come from, each flavour and essence making it so good.
The aim Enotica has is to promote sustainability projects, and companies producing organic and biodynamic wine. Information is the focus of the event, to let the audience understand the importance of this production system karma the necessity of supporting this type of approach, as a high-quality product is healthy for consumers.

Forte Prenestino: a one-of-a-kind location in a historical district in the Italian capital
Enotica takes place every year at Forte Prenestino, a symbol of the counterculture and alternative art and music scene. The location couldn't be better than this for this kind of event, focused on topics concerning the respect of the environment, and the importance of discovering real sensuousness. Forte Prenestino also has a strong architectural and historical value, being the symbol of Resistance during the years of World War II.
A great place situated in a benchmark district, Centocelle, what to discover the cultural relevance of Rome, thanks to the several events taking place all over the year, making it one of the most lively areas of the city. Even if it is not one of the most famous and visited locations, the Forte Prenestino really deserve the visit, to discover the real heart of the Eternal City, especially when events like Enotica take place.

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