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Rome, focus of artistic and cultural heritage par excellence, also promotes events about art in all its forms and expressions. The exhibition "Dream" will actually take place in Rome, this year. "Art meets dreams" - at the Chiostro del Bramante - aims to make art experience as close as possible to the people, with the theme of the oneiric that reveals the deepest unconscious of the Ego, always one of the themes that mostly fascinated the artists of any age. In contemporary art, where the human crisis and its disruption lead to the search for new ways to assert themselves, the dream becomes a way to reach knowledge and it opens the door to new and unexplored dimensions.

The exhibition
The works of art of 20 famous contemporary artists - Jaume Plensa, Bill Viola, Giovanni Anselmo, Mhario Merz, Christian Boltanski, Doris Salcedo, Henrik Håkansson, Wolfgang Laib, Claudio Costa, Kate MccGwire, Anish Kapoor, Tsuyoshi Tane, Ryoji Ikeda, Anselm Kiefer, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Peter Kogler, Tatsuo Miyajima, Luigi Ontani, Ettore Spalletti, James Turrell -, follow each other as a story in the museum together with other specific works. The recurring theme is the dream allowing comparison with nature, identification of shapes, evocation of collective and personal memory, and exploration of the most hidden part of the human soul.
A dreamlike journey expressed in different ways in the works of art through images of a man lying under a starry sky, for example, - by A. Kiefer -, or a small compass in the desert where there are no benchmarks - by G. Anselmo -, or dancing lights and shadows - by C. Boltanski -, and a strange creature made of meandering feathers - by K. MccGwire -, up to sculptures of iron, wood and bones - by C. Costa. The dream leads to new dimensions such as the golden rain that soothes in the dark (T. Tane), the nature of Patagonia transformed into an abstract and geometric labyrinth (P. Kogler), or a cave made of cave paintings and wool (A. Kehayoglou). Sometimes the dreamlike dimension creates unexpected temporal spaces that distance from reality (T. Miyajima), where the bed represents the access (L. Ontani) as the dream allows to glimpse the infinite (J. Turrell).

The curator of the exhibition
The creator of the exhibition is Danilo Eccher, who boasts the direction of important contemporary art museums such as those of Trento and Turin in 2000 and numerous group exhibitions. "Love. Art meets love" in 2016, "Enjoy. Art meets fun" in 2017, and then "Dream. Art meets dreams" in 2018, close a series of exhibitions set at the Chiostro del Bramante dedicated to contemporary art and its sometimes controversial languages, but expressing feelings, emotions of love and joy, movements of the soul, belonging to the deep dreamlike.

Where and when
The exhibition will be open from September 29th 2018 to May 5th 2019, midweek from 10 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm, inside the exhibition areas of the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome.
Commissioned by Cardinal Oliviero Carafa to Donato Bramante in 1500, from Milan, the Chiostro del Bramante is a typical example of Renaissance architecture where every compositional element is part of a perfect harmony and balance. It has a square plant, on two superimposed orders, a portico with four arches on each side with Ionic-style pillars and an upper lodge composed of Corinthian pillars and columns supporting the flat-roofed architrave. The spaces downstairs were used to have guests, and the area on the first floor was the living area, now hosting cultural activities. The walls of the portico are decorated by 15th century sepulchral monuments whereas the lunettes are decorated by frescoes representing the story of Mary.

What is the Dart?
The Dart of the Chiostro del Bramante is the institution that managed the restoration of the historical building in 1997, and of the subsequent renovations, so bringing it back to the original project of 1500, recovering the spaces used by the convent. Now the portico on the ground floor, the first floor, the rooms and the internal spaces are open to the public, host exhibitions and everything could the museum experience pleasant.
Inside the Chiostro del Bramante, you can find every kind of service you need, such as a reception to welcome visitors, a bistro, meeting and event rooms, galleries, a space for a coffee shop and a bookshop, where you can also buy the exhibition catalogue by Skira Editore. The Dart has several sections of cultural competence and cooperates with specific collaborators and curators for each type of event, personally dealing with the organizational structure.

Tickets can be directly purchased at the ticket office, closing one hour before the end of the daily exhibition, by telephone and online on Ticketone. The price of the full ticket is € 14.00, reduced € 12.00 - for visitors from 11 to 18 years old, people with disabilities, guides with identification card, Carta Freccia members and every Thursday for university students. A further reduction - € 10.00 euros - is provided for children aged 4 to 10 years, while the ticket is free for children up to 3 years, for people with disabilities, for teachers with groups of students, for journalists with regular National Order card upon request to the editors of the cloister. The open ticket costs 15 euros, you can buy it at the ticket office, and used the day after the purchase: it allows you to skip the queue at the ticket office but not the one of the exhibition; you can also buy the ticket on Ticketone for 18 euros to skip the queue also at the entrance of the exhibition and you will be able to use it the day you prefer. Further discounts can be offered to groups and school students, from 15 to 25 people

Educational projects
To support the exhibition "Dream. Art meets the dream" the audio guide is no longer a simple narration and explanation of the museum itinerary, but it has become a story played by 14 famous Italian actors, an unpublished project, different from the usual teaching. Written by Ivan Cotroneo - director and dramatist -, it creates emotions and involves the audience even more, bringing it to a new dream. A special audio guide created by Antenna International has also been introduced for children, allowing them to experience a fantastic adventure in search of dreams. A story telling about a group of kids, the "dream explorers", travelling through shadows, sounds, to unveil identities and dazzling light.
The audio guide is included in the price of tickets purchased online. In addition to it, you can also request a guided tour with an art historian and a multidisciplinary tour designed for infant and primary schools, proposing the already mentioned "dream explorers" to defeat the bad dreams they make in the dark by light, to discover their emotions. The various educational projects for schools and groups last about an hour.

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