Events in Rome: Eurogames 2019, a great event for all the athletes

Next summer, a rainbow flag will be waved, in Rome: the capital is preparing itself to welcome the seventeenth edition of the EUROGAMES. The European Gay and Lesbian Multi-Sports Championships - this is the full name of the event - will take place from Friday 12h to Sunday 14th July 2019, and it will be the largest sporting event in defence of civil rights, once again. After the huge success of the previous edition, in Helsinki in Finland, Rome is preparing itself to welcome thousands of tourists and hundreds of athletes from all over Europe, ready to stand up for freedom and equality. Registration for the races is open to everyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

The event was strongly supported by EGLSF (European Gay Lesbian Sport Federation) and organized in collaboration with GAYCS, LGBT department of AICS (Italian Association of Sport Culture) under the patronage of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), Lazio Region , Roma Capitale, Federalberghi Rome, and the most important international federations and LGBT Italian sports clubs. All together in sport, to support civil rights in Europe and in the world.

The idea of creating an international official LGBT multisport event was born in 1986, after the second Gay Games in San Francisco. The first real edition of the Eurogames took place in The Hague in 1992, and since then, they have obtained an interest and support not only by LGBT communities, but also from the entire European society. This initiative has started a series of other event of any type, to support this cause, in the name of freedom of expression.

The Eurogames were born to reach different aims:
1. to fight discrimination in sport based on sexual orientation;
2. to help athletes in coming out and promoting their integration/acceptance in sport;
3. to support the creation of new LGBT groups.
The approach of this event is that of acceptance and tolerance, values that should permeate every area of a civil society.
The goal is then set well beyond the mere sporting competition: turning Rome into a symbol of international freedom and a centre for fighting against discrimination and homophobia, and this actually is what the European Gay Lesbian Sport Federation wants to achieve. Why Rome? First of all, because Rome is in the heart of the Mediterranean, and in its history it has always been a centre of tolerance and integration; it is not a coincidence it also hosted the first World Pride in 2000. Secondly because it is a large and welcoming city, able to host thousands of athletes and tourists from all over Europe; it is also well equipped with facilities and sports centres where participants can play competitions and take part to training sessions. Finally, the importance and the visibility the capital has on the world level will give the right resonance to the event, allowing it to grow further.

There will be several competitions that will allow all the members to test themselves in various disciplines, individually or in a team. This is the list of activities the athletes of any age will enjoy, in the name of peace and equality: football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, golf, swimming, bowling, dance, running, beach volley, tennis.

As for the sports centres involved in the event, they will act as a base camp for the athletes during the event and will host the various competitions. Here you can find a complete list of the centres involved:

Located in the heart of the city, offers all kinds of equipment and indoor and outdoor areas for all sports activities. There are 1 cardio room, 2 fitness rooms, 1 spinning room, 2 swimming pools, 3 soccer fields, 6 tennis courts, 1 multi-purpose indoor arena, a full-service SPA, bar and restaurant area.

Located in the Eur area, this structure allows you to experience the great emotions and the fun of sport on the sand, not only in summer but also in winter. It includes 6 indoor and 2 outdoor courts for beach volley, beach tennis and foot volley. Every year, it hosts courses for young people and competitions among athletes of high international level, committing itself to become a point of reference in Italy for the sports practiced on the sand.

The 'Stella Azzurra' is a very welcoming and well-connected sporting club, located in the city centre. Today, it is considered the most organized and equipped sporting centre for five-a-side eight-a-side football: every year it actually hosts countless events and amateur competitions, growing more and more. The sporting centre includes 4 five-a-side football fields, 1 six-a-five football field and 1 eight-a-side football field, all of them of fourth generation; there are also 21 changing rooms, a bar area and restaurant.

The Palatorrino is spread over an area of 15,000 square metres and it includes: 1 indoor field with a 400 spectators capacity, 2 gyms, 8 changing rooms, a medical and physiotherapy room, 2 seven-a-side football fields, large play-sport areas, reception and offices.

5. LA SIESTA 2000
It is a well-equipped and big sporting centre, consisting of: 3 five-a-side football fields, 3 tennis courts, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor pool, various fitness rooms, a baby area for children and a bar.

This club was founded in 1990 in the heart of the Appia Antica Park, in a beautiful green oasis. The property includes 8 tennis courts, 2 five-a-side football fields, 1 summer swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar. In addition to host numerous sports events, the San Giorgio club is also open to private events and to all those wishing to spend a day of sports in the company. These sport complexes will open on July 2019, for an exciting meeting between sport and civilization, in a context of great tolerance, celebration and sharing, in the common struggle against homophobia.

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