Events in Rome: free, extraordinary and night openings by the main museums of Rome

Rome has much to offer you, even in the evening, when the lights go out and the noises become lighter. Discovering Rome by night can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. Once you arrive in the capital, don't even waste a minute of the available time you have to discover this wonderful city.

Museums and archaeological sites open by night
Rome is an immense city, a week wouldn't be enough to see it all and if you have little time, why don't you take advantage of the night? You will admire the beauty and charm of the Roman places immersed in the night lights and far from the crowd that usually animates them during the day.
When the sun sets and the light of day disappears, the spotlights turn on along the path of the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums, creating special effects and plays of light that give a suggestive atmosphere. Holograms are projected on the walls of the ruins of the Imperial Forum showing how they were in the ancient times. Speaking of the Colosseum, you can have a guided tour that takes place in the evening. Experiencing the magic of the Colosseum by night is a truly unforgettable experience you can't miss. Night tours take place from April to October and they are perfect if you want to skip the queues and crowds of tourists during the day. In addition, it is a good way to avoid the heat of the summer months, which makes visits less comfortable. The night experience at the Colosseum lasts for three hours and touches several points, starting from via dei Fori Imperiali, you get to Piazza Venezia where you can admire the Vittoriano, then, after a short visit to the Campidoglio, you return to the Colosseum, and the real tour begins inside. Another advantage of the night tour is the possibility of visiting areas of the Colosseum usually closed to the public, such as the Arena and the Dungeon, the area where gladiators used to wait before starting the fighting. Like the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums can also be visited by night. Guided tours took place in the summer and spring months and, given the difficult availability of tickets for this tour, it is advisable to book them in advance on the dedicated websites. The Vatican Museums open their entrance in the evening, between 7pm and 11pm, giving tourists who choose this type of visit a special - almost mystical experience, according to the wonders they host. The night opening of the Vatican Museums includes a visit of the Sistine Chapel, decorated by Michelagelo's most famous fresco. The tour guide will be able to tell you the fun facts related to the artist and the realization of this masterpiece of art. The tour of the Vatican Museums includes a tour of the several galleries and rooms the property owns.

A varied program for any tourist
If you are visiting Rome in May, you can participate in the Museum Night. The event is very peculiar because museums, art galleries, monuments and archaeological sites are open in the evening, from 8pm to 2am. Most of the evening events are free, as well as the entrance to many museums. An entrance fee is sometimes required, it's a one euro ticket, nothing but a symbolic cost. The Night of Museums has reached its eleventh edition; the program of the evening varies from year to year and to know its details I suggest you consult the official website of the municipality of Rome. The evening is not the only free opportunity that the city offers, as on every first Sunday of the month, museums and many cultural structures are actually open with free admission, to allow the visit by those who do not want to spend too much.
From October to March, on every first Sunday of the month, the Colosseum opens its doors, without any additional cost. And in addition to that, you will visit the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill for free. There is an incredible variety of free admission museums. Among them, for example, the Napoleonic Museum, a well-stocked collection of memorabilia and evidences relating to Napoleon and his era. The museum is located in Palazzo Primoli and it is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 9pm. If you love of means of transport and historical cars, another museum with free admission you may be interested in is the Museum of Transport. Inaugurated in 2004, the museum is located near underground B and it is a garden where locomotives, cars, trams and numerous means of transport used by Roman citizens in the past century are exhibited. The museum is open every day until 4pm, closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Do not miss the Barraco Museum with 400 pieces of historical value telling about several ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Phoenician ones, in short, a little jewel if you want to immerse yourself in the past and discover something more than those remote eras. The property is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele and it is open all year round.

Extraordinary openings and new projects
Another historical monument from the Roman era you can admire in the capital is the Ara Pacis. Not to be missed is the project relating to this monument: you can live the Ara Pacis as it was at its origins, through the use of virtual reality, using special VR glasses. The guided tour always takes place in small groups and you must book it in advance. Using the same technology, it is possible to visit the Baths of Diocletian in the same way. The SPAs are located inside the National Museum and are one of the oldest buildings of Roman civilization; admiring them as they once were, you will know the magnificence of the imperial era. This archaeological site has free admission on every first Sunday of the month and you must book the visit in advance to experience virtual reality. From August, it will be possible to book a very special route to the Castle of Santa Severa, located in Santa Marinella. You will be able to make the tourist route during the day, but also by night, enjoying the panorama of the starry sky.

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