Good deals hunting: from the 5th January, it’s time to enjoy sales in Rome!

On the 5th January, sales will start in Rome and the shopping addicted and the good deals hunters are ready to assault the commercial centres and the most glamour shops, where to get the desired item.

The capital is the right place to hunt good deals, because it grants excellence and elegance of clothes and of any other kind of items, offering cutting-edge clothes.

The most famous streets where to go to look for your favourite item are the historical ones, being also some of the most beautiful and elegant places in the capital.

Via del Corso, for example, from Venezia square, stretches towards Piazza del Popolo: along the avenue, there are many boutiques you can visit, observing man and woman items, surely interesting for their price too.

One of the secrets to get a good deal during sales (not only in Rome) is to go around some days before they start, to take notes about the items you prefer, so you will be able to find what is interesting cheaper, to hunt the best deal of the year.

Via del Corso is one of the most crowdie streets in Rome during the sales time and, especially during the Christmas holidays, it gets more magic than usual.

As you get to Piazza del Popolo, take via del Babbuino that, as via Condotti, can be considered the great Italian brands street.

At the end of via Condotti, you should see Piazza di Spagna and the Barcaccia fountain, in front of the great background Trinità dei Monti stairs, watching the best of fashion Rome can offer.

In the shop windows, there are the clothes walked the catwalk all over the world, hosting real ateliers, served by shop assistants at the door, to welcome you in the shopping heaven.

Chanel, Gucci, Missoni, Prada, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and so many others, are the Made in Italy brands enchanting buyers, getting cheaper for almost anybody, during sales.


Sales, advices and more shops to visit

The best deals are certainly the first days’ ones, when you can find the majority of sizes, colours and the best models.

Other common shopping streets to visit during the sales time are via delle Carrozze, via Borgognona, via del Tritone and via Nazionale, near Termini station.

The station has curiously become one of the benchmarks for sales, from January to 6 weeks on.

Winter sales usually last more or less 6 weeks, according to the Campidoglio tradition that every year regulates it.

Termini station, however, offers also some underground shops that have been able to attract customers too, people travelling for work or tourists but also citizens living in Rome.

There are many shops you can visit to get clothes, accessories, shoes and so on. There are many famous and pret à porter brands, so desired during this period

The African district offers other streets where to find that precise pair of boots, that coat or jumper you have been looking for a lot of time. Viale Libia is just an example, as there are also streets such as Corso Trieste, viale Adriatico and viale Jonio, well connected by buses and underground.

The area where to see the ancient traditional city is Trastevere for sure, characterized by narrow and typical lanes, where to discover small but well stocked shops.

Don’t forget via Cola di Rienzo, one more Roman shopping street that is so rich in occasions for anybody.

And we should tell you that doing shopping in Rome is fascinating because you can admire the best places going around the shops, too.

Rome is probably the only one city in Italy, and maybe in the world, offering you the possibility to admire an open-air museum, doing shopping.


Shopping in the commercial centres in Rome

In the last 10 years, lots of commercial centres have been built in Rome, offering more and more interesting sales.

Among the biggest ones, there is Porta di Roma, in the north-east area, in via Alberto Lionello 201; it includes 80 shops, mostly selling clothes, accessories and great brands shoes.

It is a place where you can spend the whole day, doing shopping, having lunch or dinner, going to the cinema and enjoying yourself.

Roma Est is another famous one and, in the south-eastern area, a few kilometers before Fiumicino airport, there is Parco Leonardo, you can easily reach by the two floors train to Rome.

One of the commercial centres very famous for sales is Valmontone Outlet, assaulted for its offers, every year during sales.

You can go there by car, by A1 toll road, or by the shuttle from Termini station in via Marsala, offered by the commercial centre itself.

Please, mind the timetable to better plan your tour, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

Shops could be closed on Monday, for the week closing, but it is variable.

A good idea to go around the city for doing shopping is to buy the daily ticket, in order to be free to travel by any mean of transport, saving a lot of money.

Do you want to stay in Rome?

For this location we recommend Hotel Ariston, the ideal starting point to discover Rome!

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