Holidays in Rome: reach all the places of Rome by renting an electric scooter

Rome: the eternal city
Rome is one of the most loved cities and appreciated by tourists and visitors from all over the world. However, if you stay for a short stay or for a long time, you will have to deal with traffic.
Loud and chaotic, this phenomenon paralyzes the streets of the capital and does not facilitate travel, on the contrary, it makes it difficult and sometimes impossible. In addition to it, the enormous quantity of vehicles (cars, motorbikes, vans etc ...) that pass through the capital every day, so it will not be difficult to understand how much the air quality is compromised by their emissions. The municipality of Rome, to remedy this unpleasant inconvenience and allow anyone to freely go around the city without polluting or creating traffic problems, has opted for an interesting initiative that, in other European cities, has been very successful: electric scooters.
In this way, in addition to not burdening the already precarious situation of our planet, it will be possible to make roads and public transport free by facilitating the general mobility of the city; so that tourists who wish to reach points of interest, monuments, etc. in a few minutes can easily move around the streets using a safe, fast and non-polluting means without having to wait long for a bus, a taxi or subway.

Renting an electric scooter to reach all the places of Rome
By the inauguration of Lisbon and Madrid, the inauguration of a technological, innovative and totally green service was also held at the Campidoglio: the rental of electric scooters.
Zero emissions, reduced costs (0.24 euros per minute) and green light in all ZTL areas make this sharing service one of the most appreciated by the Romans and tourists who come to the city to enjoy its beauties.
Not only that, one of the big differences compared to the leading companies in the sector that offer car and scooter rental is the possibility of paying exclusively for the actual minutes of use comfortably, via the smartphone.
By mobile phone, you will be able to locate the vehicle closest to you, book your scooter, unlock it and start it to perform the race you want. Once the route has been completed, you can actually park the scooter wherever you want (staying in the areas where the service is offered) allowing the following customer to leave quickly and at any time.
To carry out all the operations it will be sufficient for you to download the application of the sharing service, register and start searching for the vehicle closest to you. Once you have found it, you can get in touch with your smartphone and unlock it, put on your helmet and leave.
From the time of booking to the actual departure, you will have 15 free minutes (during which you will not be charged) time to reach the scooter you have booked and leave or cancel the reservation for free. Once you arrive, you will need to take and wear the helmet with its disposable cap (the first helmet placed under the seat and the second in the top case) and activate the electric engine by the Start and Stop Keyless system.
It is possible to pause the run or end it via the application. In the first case the meter will progress and you will be charged € 0.24 per minute (even if you are staying) while, in the second case, the count will be interrupted and the total amount of the journey will be withdrawn from the credit card.
As mentioned, you can park where you prefer (respecting the legal restrictions regarding the areas covered by the service) without the need to reach the nearest charging station. Operators will locate the vehicle, check its autonomy and proceed with a possible top-up. The service is covered by insurance for all customers and the cost is covered by the fare.
This service that has enjoyed great success in Europe is the manifesto of a nascent revolutionary movement. Attention to the environment, the commitment to limit pollution by improving the air quality of our cities and counter harmful and worrying phenomena such as global warming is everyone's task.
This commendable initiative of the municipality of Rome turns the spotlight on a common and worrying problem that is often underestimated.
In this way, all citizens can contribute by respecting the planet and reducing the levels of pollution that make city air unbearable.

Reaching places of interest and monuments in a few minutes
If you are in Rome and you want to move around the city avoiding traffic and vehicles like buses and the subway always crowded, you can opt for the electric scooter rental service.
In just a few minutes, you can find the closest one and walk the suggestive streets of the city enjoying an enchanting view. If you wish to make short stops at the major points of interest, you can pause the ride, admire the monument and go back on board for a new adventure.
The big news, thanks to the non-polluting electric motor, is that of being able to access all areas of the city and touch the points of greatest interest such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Piazza Fontana di Trevi, the Basilica of San Pietro, Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza Venezia, Villa Borghese, etc. ...
So, if you want to reach the centre and move to the most crowded areas of the capital, you can rent a scooter from your hotel or starting position and head to the places where you want to stop. In this way, with a minimal expense, saving time and effort you can reach your destination.
Easy, fast and intuitive, even for the less experienced, the Rome electric scooter rental service is a smart initiative that perfectly combines the needs of tourists and residents. The widespread distribution of vehicles actually allows anyone, at any time, to find a vehicle close to their position and be able to leave within a few minutes to their destination.
Not only that, unlike public transport that does not allow you to re-use a ticket if you have not used all the minutes available, renting an electric scooter will allow you to pay only for the time in which the service was used.

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