Holidays in Rome: useful suggestions for your vacation in the Eternal City

Beautiful, elegant, true... just some of the adjectives that describe Rome, the capital of the Bel Paese, the city of cinema and literature, a city with breathtaking views and rich archaeology, an appetizing destination for food lovers and a destination yearned for by travelers from all over the world.
To fully experience the magic of the Eternal City it is good that you plan your trip, so it will be possible to optimise time, to enjoy as much as possible the infinite wonders offered by the city.

How to move around in Rome
Born on a crossroads, the Cardo and the Decuman, the Capitoline City develops on a checkerboard pattern now lost. Being a metropolis, the Urbe actually has no easily identifiable shape due to the phenomenon of the suburbs. For this reason, your Roman vacation must be a journey that takes into account the way you move from one place to another.
Whatever means of transport you use, once you arrive in the city, you should plan your journeys in the best way.
Rome has two underground lines, A and B. In addition to it, it is also possible to travel by bus and tram. Entering the official website of the Municipal Transport Agency of the Municipality (ATAC) you can view the bus, tram and underground maps.Obviously, it is recommended to use public transport only for long journeys. Rome must be explored on foot to be fully enjoyed.
For bicycle lovers, the city also offers an excellent bike sharing service. To get more detailed information about it, visit the website bikeharing.roma, where you will have the possibility to find the information about the service and the authorized ticket offices, where you have to ask for the appropriate card to be able to freely pedal around the streets of the capital.

The perfect time to visit Rome
Saying Rome is beautiful every day of the year is obvious and banal, so even a visit to the Eternal City should be made at specific times of the year instead of others. Banished official holidays, when the city is full of people, too much to be able to enjoy it in peace. Out the particularly hot months go away, in July and August Rome is unlivable and suffocating.

Holiday accommodation facilities
Like any self-respecting metropolis, Rome also abounds in accommodation facilities where you can spend your holidays. The range of choices is broad and articulated, able to satisfy all budgets and the most different needs.
However, if yours is a short trip, it is better to choose an accommodation in the centre: this solution will make you optimize the little time available. The traveler who, on the other hand, is looking for a low-cost accommodation must look for a place near Termini and San Lorenzo areas, where it is possible to find super cheap apartments, hotels and bed & breakfasts. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the warm nightlife, you should definitely stay in Trastevere, the most authentic neighbourhood of the Eternal City.
We suggest not to make your choice in a superficial way, looking for the place where to sleep and relax. Before booking, always take a trip on the web, read user reviews and carefully evaluate what your Roman nest will be.

The tourist-cultural card of the Capital
Promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and by Roma Capitale with the participation of the Municipal Transport and Transport Company (ATAC), the Roma Pass is a card that will allow you to take advantage of reductions and services that will give you the opportunity to satisfy the senses with Roman beauties and goodness.
There are two types of card: the of costing 38.50 euros - lasting 72 hours - and the one costing 28.00 euros - lasting 48 hours.
Once purchased one of the two cards for access to public transport managed by ATAC and for visiting museums, the Roma MAP will also be included, that is a map where the Tourist Infopoints are marked, together with the underground stations and every point you can visit with the Roma Pass card. All the spots have a digital and civic address, so they can be easily reached.
You can buy the card on the official Roma Pass website, or in the museum buildings, in the Tourist Infopoints, in the ATAC stores, in the FrecciaClub and Trenitalia ticket offices. Once you have your card, it is very important you fill it in, inserting your data and date of activation. Never forget the card gets activated when you access the first route by one of the means of transport, at the first museum, or at the first site you visit. Your card is contactless, so you will not have to insert it in the reader, you will just have to place it near the devoted machines. You must show the card whenever the staff in charge of the checks ask for it, along with a valid identity document.
It is not everything yet, because the success of your Roman journey also depends on other small precautions, such as booking tickets in advance, to visit any attraction marked in your ideal route.

A journey through typical goodness
It is not a true Roman journey, if you do not delight your taste buds by the excellent traditional food offered by the numerous restaurants.
Well represented by Aldo Fabrizi in various films, the Roman cuisine is well interpreted by Felice a Testaccio, a veritable institution of traditional cuisine. The trattoria in Via Mastro Giorgio satisfies the most gluttonous palates since 1939. Don't miss the Saltimbocca alla romana.
Also Nonna Betta is worth of a visit, in the Jewish district and, more precisely, in Via Portico d'Ottavia; the restaurant offers typical Roman cuisine but also a laudable kosher cuisine. Try the Artichoke "alla giudia".
If, on the other hand, you love seafood, you can't miss a stop at Franco Ar Vicoletto, the restaurant located in San Lorenzo district, offering delicious dishes of fresh fish at more than affordable prices. If, on the other hand, what you want is a good Roman-style pizza, then you can't miss Formula 1. This place is located in the heart of the San Lorenzo university district.

Do you want to stay in Rome?

For this location we recommend Hotel Panama Garden, ideal for discovering Rome thanks to its strategic location.

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