Music to your ears: discover the best live clubs of the Capital!

Sometimes, if you look at the Tiber, you have the impression of being along the Mississippi River, and walking around Rome, among its clubs, you could have the impression of being in the Big Apple or New Orleans or Nashville. Why? Because Rome has so much to offer you according to music, night, and concerts. The eternal city is not only Via Condotti, Via Frattini, Piazza di Spagna, its unlimited "osterie", guided tours discovering an historical and artistic wonderful panorama, but even much more. Rome is a city able to mix different souls, one better than the other, such as the atmospheres and the sounds of the United States or by the well known rock from the 60s England. Here you are a list of the best live clubs of the city, where you can get involved by the sweet notes of jazz or rock, blues and swing.

Gregory's Live Jazz & Dinner Club
This live club is situated not far from Piazza di Spagna, at 54A, Via Gregoriana. It is an authentic treasure in a one of a kind context, attracting all the jazz lovers in the city. The club is made of two rooms, one on the ground floor and the other one on the first one. The last one is the masterpiece of the club, decorated by retro sofas, where you can seat and take advantage of the daily concerts. It is the benchmark that makes all the jazz lovers happy, in the city centre.

Alexander Platz
At 9, Via Ostia, there is a live club that has become the best on the Roman music panorama, and the favourite one of all the music lovers. It is just for jazz experts, soft lights, walls full of pictures and dedication by the great artists by the years. Live and jam sessions take place almost daily, inviting people to have a break there and get fascinated by the numerous music rhythms proposed. Don't forget the best symbols of blues and jazz played there, but also young stars such as Alex Britti!

Cotton Club
In the corner between Via Bellinzona and Corso Trieste, not far from the underground stop Sant'Agnese/Annibaliano, you find the authentic Cotton Club, inspired to the typical atmospheres of the original one in New York. The furnishing, the soft lights, the posters and the pictures by the 30s on the walls let you think about Prohibition times, and the movies about the Italian-American famous gangsters. Among rock, jazz and swing exhibitions, you never get bored there, you can take part to international music artists concerts, but also well-skilled tribute bands.

Big Mama
In Trastevere, in San Francesco a Ripa lane, along Viale Trastevere, there is a suggestive and private club you can get in by a narrow and steep stairs, to the underground. The atmosphere you can breathe is the authentic one of blues and Jazz, and any other kind of music genres before 2000. This live club offers the possibility to book a table also by e-mail, so you can watch the live shows comfortably seated, as it is always sold out. There are also foreign guests, well selected. Every live show at Big Mama is an authentic experience: artists such as Elvis Costello, Brian May, Richard Galliano, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Buddy Miles, Dave Matthews, and many other famous international stars played there.

28DiVino Jazz
In 21, Via Mirandola, not far from Via Tuscolana, the 28DiVino Jazz is a benchmark for jazz lovers and more. This club is on two floors and it's a very simple one, characterised by the passion the owners have in planning the events. Each event is wonderful: only pop music is admitted there, perfect for experts. The area dedicated to the live shows is the one underground, and on the ground floor great meals and wines are served.

It is one of the most interesting authors of the music panorama in Rome. In Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35, a big space for live music and culture is set, in order to propose any kind of it as possible. It comes from an intuition by Ausgang Society, active in the organization of concerts and events, cooperating with the Minimum Fax publishing company. The atmosphere is very peculiar, thanks to the well-furnished outside area, and it offers a very refined exclusive programme. A club you can't miss!

Orion Club
Orion Club is one of the most fascinating music news in Rome. It is situated in Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ciampino, and it has become one of the most appreciated places for Clubbing live and international and national DJs, in a few time. It mixes all the most important features of the great clubs in Europe: a futurist area, decorated by breathtaking design a little bit retro. The aim is to offer a place where to play any kind of music as a 360° container. At the Orion Club, you can listen to any kind of music, thanks to a place versatile for any kind of event, such as metal music, DJ set, rock and jazz, making this club the most eclectic one in Rome.

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