Nightlife along Lungotevere: food, shows and shopping at the open air

A summer dominated by art, culture and delicious food. If you want to spend some days in Rome you should know you can see an enormous archaeological landscape and taste great dishes by the Roman tradition, in the eternal city. You can also enjoy yourself in many clubs and watch shows. You can do shopping in the best shops you have ever seen, and spend your holiday at the open air.
If you decided to spend some time in Rome, you will find anything you are looking for, as it is a very active capital, rich in picturesque districts with an outstanding beauty.

Night life along Lungotevere
Summer in Rome starts on the Tiber banks, where Romolo and Remo were found by the famous wolf, founding the city and becoming its symbol, a lot of time ago. During the summer, the river banks host a metropolis getting ready for entertainment, recollecting Roman art and culture, along its bridges.
From Ponte Sublicio to Ponte Sisto, the artistic and cultural events of the summer attract many spectators. The Isola Tiberina, the island on the river, is the framework of theatre shows, concerts and exhibitions, collecting even more citizens, tourists and cinema, theatre, art and literature fans, every year.
The exhibition taking place there offers street food and clubs selling food, until late night, too.
It is a gorgeous spectacle of flavours and artistic shows, enjoying people from all the districts of the city, and tourists from all over the world.

Roman food tradition
The Roman food tradition is made of many recipes, divided into two main groups: poor cuisine and party cuisine. It is made of any kind of food and scents: pasta, fish, meat, vegetables, cheese, etc. Along Lungotevere, you can taste the famous Bucatini all’amatriciana and Carbonara. Cacio e pepe is another very famous dish you can find served with its genuine and original ingredients, in the capital only.
Coda alla vaccinara is made of meat, a typical recipe made of the ox tail stewed in the lard and scented by white wine and onions.
Poor cuisine in Rome offers the traditional Quinto Quarto, that is the remaining part of the sheep, after having sold the two quarters of meat of the fore and rear paws. So you just have tripe, liver, spleen, heart and brain, cooked according to the oldest poor Roman tradition.
The typical fish recipe is the tasty Baccalà, the salted codfish, and Tonnarelli cacio e pepe con gamberi, with shrimps, Spaghetti con vongole e alici, clams and anchovies. Roman culinary tradition is rich in any kind of dishes, you can taste also many varieties of cheese, such as ricotta and the famous pecorino romano, and sweets, such as maritozzo and grattachecca.
The summer events on the river banks give you the occasion to taste the most famous dishes of the Roman food tradition, in a place where theatre events and concerts take place.

Doing shopping in the best shops
Along Lungotevere, where you can find street food and clubs open all over the night, you can also visit many shops to buy any kind of products: gadgets, souvenirs, knick knacks, little sculptures, clothes and accessories. There are vintage and modern markets, assuring attractions for families and friends. If you are looking for entertainment or a quite place to have a walk with your family, doing shopping, you will not resist in front of the hundreds of shops along the river, enjoying a great view of the city.

Your holiday en plein air
Painting at the open air is a funny way to enjoy your holiday and hobbies at best. As French people say, en plein air means to catch the shades of a place, painting it at the open air. So you will be able to catch the colours and the shades at your best, understanding the deep essence of things, feeling the perfumes of your work of art.
The streets and bridges map
There are many bridges hosting the exhibition. The exhibition takes place on five avenues, from Piazza Trilussa to Porta Portese, dedicated to the most famous Roman artists:
- Viale Alberto Sordi, from Piazza Trilussa to Ponte Garibaldi: there are cinemas, playing areas, exhibitions, restaurants and more;
- Via Anna Magnani and Via Gabriella Ferri, from Ponte Garibaldi to Ponte Cestio – Isola Tiberina: this area is very articulated, and it offers bars, restaurants and a huge area for exhibitions.
- Via Franco Califano, from Ponte Cestio to Ponte Palatino: there are many clubs and bars where to listen to great music and enjoy an aperitif with friends, before visiting the exhibition area;
- Via Aldo Fabrizi is the last one, from Ponte Palatino to Porta Portese. There are playgrounds, show areas, bookshops and the Accademia dello spettacolo.

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