People generations during the 1st May concert, in Piazza San Giovanni

Every year, on the 1st May, it is a national festivity and a special occasion for the most expected concert of the year. Since 1990 until nowadays, in the majestic square of San Giovanni Laterano, in front of the cathedral, the great concert takes place. Its providers are: CGIL, CISL and UIL.

The concert - also called the "Concertone", because of the great variety of artists taking part to it - is completely free, by numerous Italian and international artists making a one of a kind music festival.

The 1st May is the workers festivity, and it has been created to celebrate the efforts the workers make every year.
It is not a simple concert, it is even more, a mix of old and new generations, music and cultural festival for everybody, based on good principles of celebration and sharing.

The best Italian singers - such as Ligabue, Pino Daniele, Gianni Morandi, Vasco Rossi, De Andrè, Gianna Nannini, and many others - have walked on the concert stage. The list is very long, if we consider also the international artists such as the Oasis, Bon Jovi, Sting, Chuck Berry, James Blunt, Skin, Paolo Nutini and many others.

The concert is a tribute to the workers, celebrated by those great artists' music. The show has become famous during the years also for the initiatives organised by the associations, and thanks to the participation of the artists.
The concert also has opened the registrations to the emergent groups that can test themselves, on a great stage as San Giovanni Laterano is. This could be just the first springboard as it was for other groups.

The Concertone takes place where there is no political or cultural differences, on a day in which we are all on the same level, to listen to good music, to enjoy ourselves and meet new people, to enlarge our origins and in reach our personality, learning something from the other people celebrating that day, together there.

You can now watch the concert also live on RAI television, and on Radio Due (on the radio). The duration of the show is a sort of marathon, as it starts after lunch to go on till late night, served by the magic city lights.
The piazza di San Giovanni has recorded an average of about 500,000 viewers, and over one million in 2007.
An opportunity to spend time with other people and celebrate the Italian people festivity. The artists are always very balanced, and even if this year ones haven't been announced yet, we already know it will be a mix of new and revival music, to make young and old people happy.
It is at the spirit it for everybody, where all the generations celebrate life and Italy together. The occasion is special not only for the citizens of Rome, but also for all the people that want to celebrate a music moment in the Eternal City.

During the days before the 1st May, many events take place in the city: exhibitions, museums special openings, together with the artistic and cultural heritage of the Italian capital.
An occasion to visit Rome and all it's incredible beauty, making it a one-of-a-kind city all over the world.
There are a lot of places you can visit, you can't miss.
The most common attractions in Rome are: the Colosseum - one of the seven World Wonders -, the Fori Romani, Fontana di Trevi, San Pietro, the Vatican Museums, Piazza Navona, and all the suburbs rich in history, in every corner of the city.
The event of the first May could be the right moment to join a great concert and the wonderful beauties of the city.

The accommodations in Rome are so many, as the city is a tourist destination all over the year. You will be able to choose your best accommodation among the numerous hotels, bed and breakfasts and houses you can rent, to discover the history of the city and the origins of our society.
As you probably know, "all the streets bring you to Rome" (as Italian people say, “tutte le strade portano a Roma”), because the city is well connected with any area of the country, served by flights from any airport of the peninsula, and cutting-edge railway networks. So the 1st May is the perfect occasion to visit the most beautiful city of the world, and take part to a one of a kind event at the same time.
All the information about the artists and the showmen will be announced next month, so you’ll have all the time you need to plan your tour, in order to do something you will remember forever.

The concert surely is the perfect location to spend some time with your family, with your friends and to share a one-of-a-kind experience with the people you love. In order to receive more information about the concert, you can visit the website dedicated to the event, served by a countdown going on till the day of the event.
In less than three months, the show will take place, so you have all the time you need to plan the holiday you want to live, surrounded by the walls of the capital of Italy, because what takes place in Rome gets eternal.
On the website you will discover the official artists of the concert and find all the information you need about the timetable.
What else? The Concertone is an experience you have to live at least once in your life, to really feel the emotions that the music and the people can offer you.
There are all the necessary conditions for a great event, so now what you have to do is just to be there.

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