Roma at the Table: A Guide to the Best Places to Enjoy Apéritifs, Tapas' and Finger Food in the Eternal City

Rome is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after destinations for cultural tourism, given its wealth of artwork and monuments that stand testament to centuries of Italian history. However, tourists visit Rome not only for its cultural significance: the capital is a destination famous worldwide for its food and culinary specialties. These can be enjoyed in restaurants, 4-star hotels, taverns, and other exceptional venues. Those who visit Rome to explore the city are typically also looking to enjoy pleasant evenings featuring great food. Thankfully, many of the city's most renowned venues offer excellent apéritifs, often offering tapas and finger food as an accompaniment. By choosing authentic and widely celebrated Roman food establishments, visitors can truly immerse themselves in the Roman lifestyle, while discovering new culinary experiences. These venues are accessible to all and recommended for a public of all ages..

Tapas, Apéritifs, and Finger Food: What are the Best Venues in Rome?
One of the best venues in Rome to enjoy a generous apéritif offering is certainly the Momart Café. The venue is located near Piazza Bologna, an area predominantly frequented by university students. The Momart Café has a warm and welcoming decor with an apéritif menu characterized by many foods, such as pizza, varied pasta sliders, sandwiches, pastries, and desserts. Those staying in a hotel near Termini can easily reach this area by public transport. Another very trendy venue worth visiting for a great apéritif is Doppiozeroo, which quickly became popular thanks to its rich and varied buffet. At Doppiozeroo, visitors can sample various types of tapas and finger food, alongside pasta dishes cooked according to Roman tradition. Visitors hoping to enjoy this offering within walking distance should opt for a hotel in the Roman city center, or, better yet, a hotel near the Colosseum.

Most popular places to have a good apéritif in Rome
Those staying in a hotel near Cinecittà in Rome should undoubtedly enjoy an apéritif at the Meo Pinelli restaurant. At Meo Pinelli, you can enjoy many culinary specialities, ranging from traditional staples to more unique dishes. The finger food offering includes an unmissable fish based dish. Another popular university area is the one near La Sapienza University. If you find yourself nearby, the ideal place for an apéritif is the restaurant Abitudini & Follie. Unlike others, this restaurant does not have a buffet. Every dish is cooked to order and served to guests at their table. Among the best foods to try here are the savory pies and mini-sized hamburgers. Those staying in a hotel near the Roman Forum can easily reach these venues using the subway or public transport. If the hotel is located elsewhere in the city center, it might be preferable to other refined venues in the area. These include Salotto 42, which is characterized by its chic and elegant furnishings. Here you can enjoy a tasteful, relaxed apéritif experience that is decidedly out of the ordinary. At Salotto 42, in addition to the excellent cocktails, you can taste refined dishes including crudités and oysters. Visitors who find themselves in the Testaccio neighborhood can instead drop by Trentatré, a restaurant characterized by a distinctly musical atmosphere. This venue allows you to choose between two solutions: apéritif or apericena. The latter has several culinary proposals that mainly focus on pasta, traditional savory pies, and vegetable based dishes.


For this location we recommend The Inn at the Spanish Steps, ideal for discovering Rome thanks to its strategic location.

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