Roma at the table: The most famous ethnic restaurants in Rome

Rome is a culinary destination full of gastronomic treasures from all over the world. If you are a fan of international cuisine, you’re in luck!
Here are 5 international restaurants in Rome, each offering a culinary journey through different cultures and traditions.

1. Juk Story - Korean Cuisine
Juk Story stands out for its authenticity in bringing the flavors of Korea to Rome. This restaurant specializes in Juk, a Korean porridge that comes in different variations, from sweet to salty, often enriched with seafood or meat. Bibimbap, another specialty, is a colorful and nutritious dish, consisting of rice, vegetables, meat (or tofu for a vegetarian option), egg and a spicy sauce. The environment is cozy and minimalist, reflecting the simple elegance of Korean culture.

2. Baires - Argentinian flavours
Baires offers an Argentinian dining experience in the heart of Rome. This restaurant is famous for its grilled steaks, cooked to perfection and served with traditional sauces such as chimichurri. The empanadas, another highlight, are stuffed with meat, chicken, or vegetables, and represent a perfect appetizer. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a decor reminiscent of traditional Argentine steakhouses, and a selection of Argentinian wines that complete the experience.

3. Taki - Japanese taste
Taki is a Japanese restaurant that combines tradition with innovation. In addition to offering high quality sushi and sashimi, prepared with fresh fish, Taki offers creative dishes that explore new combinations of flavors. The restaurant, with its modern and refined design, offers a quiet and sophisticated atmosphere, ideal for an elegant dinner. Not to be missed are tempura dishes, light and crunchy, and creative variations of roll sushi.

4. Sitar - Indiana Experience
Sitar brings the colors and aromas of India to Rome. This restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, both vegetarian and meat, all characterized by the generous use of authentic spices. Chicken curry and paneer tikka are just some of the dishes to try. The environment is decorated with colorful fabrics and traditional lamps, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites you to fully immerse yourself in Indian culture.

5. La Cucaracha - Mexican Delights
La Cucaracha is a lively and colorful Mexican restaurant, offering a wide variety of traditional dishes. Tacos and burritos are among the most popular, with fillings ranging from meat to vegetables, all accompanied by spicy sauces and guacamole. The restaurant is also famous for its margaritas, served in a cheerful and festive atmosphere, decorated with art and colors typical of Mexico. La Cucaracha is the ideal place for a fun and informal evening, full of the intense and authentic flavors of Mexico.

Explore the World Without Leaving Rome
Culinary diversity in Rome is a real treasure, and these ethnic cuisine restaurants are just the beginning of your gastronomic journey through the world. Whether you want to savour the smoky aromas of India, the spiciness of Mexico, the tradition of Korean cuisine or Japanese refinement, Rome has something for every palate. Explore, taste and enjoy the best of international cuisine directly in the Italian capital.

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