Roma at the table: not just fast food, but the best Hamburger Huts in the capital

The variety of food Rome offers in its clubs and restaurants is unlimited and, especially concerning meat, it is possible to taste different qualities. If you love burgers, there are many hamburger huts in the centre where you can satisfy your hunger and indulge your imagination by the tastiest combinations of flavours.
Here you are the best hamburger huts in the capital.

This hamburger hut has been active since October 2013 and it is located in via Luigi Filippo de Magistris in the heart of the Pigneto area. As the name suggests, it is a micro brewery with a kitchen that serves excellent burgers of various kinds: Roman style, that is with Guanciale instead of bacon, and different types of meat from the best farms in the region. One of the tastiest courses certainly is the special hamburger from Bottega Liberati, whose composition has 40% Ciauscolo meat and 60% beef. If you eat your hamburger with one of the craft beers selected by the staff you will receive the house dessert or appetizer for free.

Birretta Wine & Food
This place is supplied by the Feroci butcher shop, a symbol of Roman quality in terms of meat, as its dishes are characterised by an excellent quality, and more and more people get there to devour their dishes for all tastes and all sizes. This humburger hut is located in Piazza Mazzini, and it is also possible to participate in the Man vs Food challenge, trying to finish the largest, most immense sandwiches. Whoever wins the challenge does not pay the bill and ends up on the page of the club's glory: the wall of fame of the hungry on the club's Facebook page. The bread is of high quality and is produced by Romeo Chef & Baker oven.

Ham Holy Burger
This hamburger hut is a chain and boasts four locations throughout the capital: in via Brescia 28, in via Chiana 58 - 64, in Termini Station on the first floor and in via Ponte di Piscina Cupa 64 at Castel Romano Designer Outlet. You can taste the best burgers of the city there, a benchmark in Rome for anyone who loves quality and meat with a unique flavor. Every month, there are new, more elaborate and refined dishes, the menu is very rich and the meats are so good that they are considered sacred. Fried or gourmet chips are also available to accompany the dishes.

Burger Bar Grill
Located in Corso Vitttorio Emanuele a few steps from Piazza Navona, it represents a split of the Burger Bar Cargo brand present in Campania in Avellino and Salerno. The quality of the meat selected in the best farms is combined with the imagination of each customer, as you can customize your hamburger choosing the seasonings, among 8 different types of bread. You can also choose meat or fish - there are 13 varieties - or among 11 different types of cheese. With 6 types of salads, 26 condiments and 15 different sauces, it is also an excellent place for vegetarians. As for cured meats, there are 9 types to fill the sandwich. If you love to be creative and indulge your imagination on the table, this is the place for you.

Open Baladin
This restaurant is located in via degli Specchi number 6, in Campo dei Fiori. If you love craft beer and quality meats, you can enjoy a wide choice and make the tastiest combinations there. Burgers are exclusively selected from the 100% La Granda beef farms, bread is fresh every day and naturally leavened. It is provided by the Bonci bakery. On the menu, there is a wide range of vegan burgers and the sauces are totally handmade and are daily produced.

T - Bone Station
This brand is incredibly famous in Rome, as it is has more than one site in different areas: via dei Crispi 29 - 31, via Flaminia Vecchia 527, via Santa Dorotea 21 and via Vittorio Colonna 21. The reason why this small chain is much loved, is its ability to combine quality and variety of meats, you can choose among 8 different types of beef burger, chicken, Fassona meat and 3 different types of vegan burgers. An option is also available for teens and children. The bread is artisanal and it is also available gluten-free, with cereals and the classic bun. You can choose from a wide range of condiments and accompaniments such as lettuce and tomato. This place is much loved both by tourists and by the inhabitants of the capital.

This place boasts the myth of having been the first real hamburguer hut in Rome, excluding fast food and chains. It is located in the university area of San Lorenzo district and is the perfect place for those looking for the original hamburger, selected from meats chosen from the best farms and prepared every day. Even the bread is daily made with potato flour, the meats, on the other hand, are a mix of Florentine shoulder, American beef and sirloin, to ensure a unique flavour that gives the restaurant a particular style. Even sauces such as barbecue and mayonnaise are handmade and daily made in the kitchen.

Franz Burger
This hamburger hut is located in San Giovanni area and offers a wide range of sandwiches to be eaten there or to take away. The selection of meat is really wide: horse, black angus, chicken and veggie burger. You can stuff your sandwich as you prefer combining various types of seasonings. The menu allows you to choose mainly burgers, as far as the accompaniment is concerned, there are only salads and chips, but the quality of the meats is good and the sandwiches tasty.

Quarto Burger & Drinks
This hamburger hut is located in via Crescenzio 52 in Prati district, and it is a real benchmark for meat lovers. The hamburgers are fresh and every day made, never frozen, the fun fact about this place is represented by the measures: the menu actually includes Medium Weights, Maximum Weights and the Infiniti, for those who are never satisfied and want their XXXL hamburger.

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