Rome at the table. Brunch: here you are a list of the best places where to go

Rome is a city that has a lot to offer, especially concerning food, as it can be considered a place of a thousand flavours. You can enjoy not only the typical traditional food, but also have a brunch in perfect American style, as there are so many restaurants and bars that offer different options and rich menus. Here you are a list of the best clubs and restaurants where to go to taste the most delicious brunches and enjoy the most suggestive places in the Capital.

692 Secret Garden
In Via Tuscolana 692, you can eat at 692 Secret Garden, a restaurant with a truly magical and very charming environment, immersed in a green space among the ancient Roman aqueducts. If you are wondering how it is possible to find an oasis of peace in the very crowded Via Tuscolana, know that the answer is right on the tables of this restaurant. Prices are available to everyone, for a full brunch adults pay about 20 euros and children from 3 to 14 years only 10 euros. A suitable place to taste the delicacies of the local cuisine such as mixed fried, Parmigiana, quiche, omelettes, grilled vegetables, first and second courses, and relax. A wide range of ingredients for numerous dishes that offer a culinary panorama complete with genuine cuisine rich in flavours.

The Giardino di Ripetta
Located in the street with the same name at number 231, Il Giardino di Ripetta is another green spot immersed in the Eternal City. The structure is located in a former convent of the seventeenth century, later used as a hotel, a magical treasure chest where you can breathe immersed among the plants and flowers and taste the excellent homemade cuisine but also international dishes. It is possible to drink both Italian espresso and American coffee. The price is about 30 euros and the restaurant is particularly suitable for those on holiday with family and children, as it has a specific room with entertainment.

The Veranda
La Veranda is an elegant restaurant located in Via Borgo Santo Spirito number 73, a few steps from San Pietro. The elegant and refined structure dates back to the sixteenth century, initially used as a dining hall, the internal architecture has high vaults and a gallery in the upper area overlooking the internal patio. The "Great Beauty" of this restaurant was also noticed by the Oscar-winning director Sorrentino, who chose it to shoot some scenes of the film with the same name awarded in the USA. You can enjoy quick dishes, salads, potatoes and bacon, omelettes, first and second courses and much more; the price is around 27 euros per person, 15 for children.

In the district called Testaccio, in Via Galvani 24/A in Rome, the restaurant Angelina is the perfect choice if you love homemade food mixed with modern cuisine. The location is suggestive as a diamond in the narrow lanes of the district, and it is just a framework of the elegant and tasty brunch rich in genuine products. Every Sunday, from 1pm to 3pm, they serve the "brunch atipico", that means "atypical": the price is about 254 euros and you can find both traditional dishes and new interpretations.

Bakery House
The Bakery House is the perfect restaurant for those who want to taste a real American brunch. It is situated in two different locations: one is in Via Riano II (near Ponte Milvio) and the second is in Corso Trieste 157 b/c. You can taste an extensive menu: stuffed sandwiches, bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast, fried, all accompanied strictly by orange juice, in full US style. American coffee, lemonades and centrifuges of various types are also available. The price varies depending on the dishes.

Coromandel is located in Via di Monte Girolamo 60/61. If you are looking for a varied à la carte brunch with a multitude of dishes, this is your restaurant. This property is very well known in the city for its colourful breakfast. The offer includes a vast range of courses: sandwiches, bagels, fried eggs, pancakes and maxi toast. You can taste coffee, beers and tea. A truly special restaurant for those in search of Made in USA flavours.

Queen Makeda
A large hall that hosts an endless buffet for a breathtaking brunch, where even the strongest and most insatiable stomachs will have their match. This restaurant is located in Via di San Saba 11, near the pyramid of Caio Cestio and it can be reached by public transport in a very simple and intuitive way. The dishes are always different, but in general the menu offers a wide range of traditional foods of Italian cuisine, mixed with the Asian one. The average price is 19 euros for adults and 10 for children.

Located in via Perugia 34 in the Pigneto district, Kino stands out among the alternative venues for its tasty cuisine and for its very nice interior design between books and posters, a cutting-edge cine-bistrot that presents a cuisine cared for in the least details, modern and sometimes traditional. Sunday lunch is in perfect American style: carrot cakes, eggs and bacon and many other dishes. The restaurant is equipped with every comfort and cinema workshops are provided for children. The price for the little ones is 8 euros, for adults it is 15.

Enoteca Ferrara
This restaurant is located in Piazza Trilussa 41 and it offers the most authentic brunch in the capital. You can enjoy typical Italian dishes such as gnocchi, peppers, lasagna, pollo alla diavola, meatballs with sauce and many other dishes. The price of the fixed menu is 25 euros, for children 15 euros. The restaurant is equipped with every comfort and entertainment for the little ones.

Il Margutta
Located in the street with the same name at number 118, this restaurant is centrally located, near Piazza del Popolo. You can enjoy a vegetarian brunch that includes a large buffet, as the place is very popular among organic food lovers, Romans and tourists. On Saturdays and Sundays, the menu offer is much wider, the dishes always vary and it is the ideal place also for "carnivores", who increasingly appreciate the rich cuisine. Price is about 35 euros per person.

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