Rome at the table: a food and wine tour of the most famous historical places of the Capital

Visiting Rome it's always nice. Rich in museums, artistic and architectural beauties, for many people, the capital remains the most beautiful city in the world and its charm rightly gives it the name of the eternal city. Rome is not only art and history but also traditions and good food.
If you are on vacation in the city and you want to take a breath after long walks through the streets of the Capital, you can take have lunch or dinner in some historical and typical places, where good food and tradition are protagonists.
If you are good eaters and you do not know the dishes of Roman culture, you will have a wide choice so you will not miss the chance to taste the typical dishes of Roman culinary culture.
Whether you are in the city centre or moving to other neighbourhoods, you cannot miss some historical "trattorias" where you can taste the recipes of the true Roman cuisine. If you prefer the tradition and you want to sit down to calmly eat, you can read where to eat real goodness.

Food and wine tour in Trastevere
If you are in the Trastevere area and precisely on the Tiber Island, you cannot miss the restaurant of the legendary Sora Lella.
Becoming famous also for the films of Verdone, the nice woman is remembered not only for her movies, but even because for her mastery in cooking the dishes of ancient tradition, still today in the hands of the generations of children and grandchildren.
There you can enjoy the famous Coda alla vaccinara as you've never tasted it, but also the Fettuccine with sweetbread sauce and the famous tripe with tomato sauce.
Still in Trastevere but in Via della Luce, there is another place where tradition is certainly not forgotten: Carlone. There it seems Carbonara is an institution, likewise the Amatriciana with the original recipe of the owner who was born in Amatrice; also the lamb is among the most popular dishes.
Ancient Trattoria Pallotta, since 1820, offers spaghetti with clams, fillet with green pepper, zucchini flowers filled with mozzarella and tasty desserts such as tart and Panna cotta with berries. In their menu there also are different pizzas.

Testaccio area
In the Testaccio district, you should visit Felice, an ancient trattoria with 80 years of history where you can taste boiled beef, Coratella with artichokes or Tonnarelli cacio e pepe: a real wonder.
Everything is served with a selection of house wines.
Trattoria Scopettaro offers you Rigatoni with meatballs but also Gricia or Pajata; the lamb or the Vaccinara muscle.
It is located in Testaccio district, along Lungotevere. The trattoria is famous for its Carbonara. Open since 1912, it also represents an institution.

Esquilino and Garbatella
Trattoria da Danilo, in Via Petrarca, is run by the family: there you can enjoy fantastic cheese and creamed pepper and Amatriciana meatballs, without forgetting the famous Carbonara, which is an institution: all accompanied by a Frascati wine or Castelli.
In the heart of the Esquilino, you will find the trattoria Vecchia Roma, where you can live the tradition of Roman cuisine and truly savours and tastes of the past. Bucatini all'amatriciana, Vaccinara tail but also the Roman Pinsa, ancestor of pizza with light dough, made of wheat flour, which makes it soft and crunchy at the same time.
In Garbatella district, you can go to Tanto pè magnà, a place where you can't miss Spaghetti cacio e pepe and the tasty Vaccinara tail. It will be impossible not to mop up your plate with bread in the excellent sauce.

In the heart of Rome
At Antica Osteria Rugantino, in the heart of Rome, where you can taste delicious Pasta alla puttanesca or Pasta in bianco with tomato.
Second courses for you: the Saltimbocca alla romana, chicken with peppers or the Ossobuco alla romana, delicious homemade desserts too.
Not far from the Trevi Fountain, precisely in Via degli Avignonesi, there is a very respectable trattoria, you cannot easily forget: it is called Gioia Mia Pisciapiano. There you can taste different traditional dishes, here is an example: the Roman-style Stracciatella which is nothing but a soup of meat broth, abundant Parmesan and fresh eggs.
This is only the beginning, the rest of the menu is to be discovered. You can actually taste as many as 30 first courses and, among them, 7 ways to cook the legendary Fettuccine. Amatriciana and Carbonara will amaze you, too.
Ancient trattoria Camponeschi since 1884: it offers meat and fish dishes.
Among the meat delicacies, you should not miss the lamb "alla scottadito" and the chicken "alla romana"; among the fish dishes, there are the Catalan lobster and the fried fish. It is located in the historical centre of Rome not far from the Trevi Fountain.
The Taverna Antonina, in Via della Colonna Antonina, offers typical traditional first courses, such as Tonnarelli cacio e pepe, main courses, as fried beef balls and Roman-style cod, and also excellent Supplì, artichokes and anchovies. Both Italian and foreign wines in a very elegant environment that does not miss tradition. It is located in the heart of the capital: it is worthwhile to enter to enjoy the dishes.
The oldest restaurant in Rome is the Campana, opened in 1518 and where the most famous dishes of the Roman tradition have been served for 500 years: from the Ossobuco to the Coratella cacio e pepe, and seafood delicacies. Everything is obviously served with local wine.
The ancient Brunetti tavern, since 1949, offers its customers dishes still faithful to the Roman tradition including first and second courses of sea and meat, such as: Rigatoni all'amatriciana, Spaghetti with clams or Gnocchi with wild boar ragù and second courses of sea with fried Paranza fish.
Achille at the Pantheon by Habana. Since 1989, this restaurant has delighted diners, offering traditional Roman dishes: Carbonara, Lasagna with an excellent ragù and Tagliatelle with mushrooms.
Even there there is no lack of chance to taste a great Vaccinara tail. Very cheap prices and kind staff: a trattoria where you can relax eating excellent food and which brings its 30 years of activity very well; you can find it a stone's throw from the Pantheon.

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