Rome, stage of theatre famous works at the open air and in the theatres

The Eternal City is a stage itself, but Rome, so spectacular by day, is wonderful for its visitors and it becomes the stage of famous theatre shows, around the open and closed theatres. Let's see some of them.
Here you are the best of the open air locations.

The Arena Villa Medici, in Viale Trinità dei Monti 1, from the 17th to the 21st July, dedicated its annual cinema production to Jeanne Moreau, by an Orson Welles movie: "Une histoire immortelle".
The Arena Trastevere, in Piazza San Cosimato, offered many interesting short films to a very varied public. It is a square that lasted many important guests such as Gabriele Salvatores, Carlo Verdone and Daniele Vicari, together with directors such as Radu Mihaileanu and Asghar Faradhi.
The Isola del Cinema on the Isola Tiberina in the area of Spazio Q8, dedicated a show to Giorgio Treves, projecting two of his documentaries: "Gian Luigi Rondi" and "Ieri, oggi, domani".

Theatres in Rome
In Rome, there are very important historical theaters. The first is the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, with its numerous sites of the Teatro Costanzi, near Via Viminale, Teatro Nazionale near Via Depretis, Terme di Caracalla and the Sala Respighi in Galleria Regina Margherita. They are four architectural precious places, magic stages of famous theatre shows.

The other theatres
There are also many other beautiful stages: Teatro Brancaccio in via Merulana 244, Teatro Argentina in Largo di Torre Argentina, Teatro India in Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman 1,Teatro Sistina in Via Sistina, Teatro della Cometa in Via del Teatro di Marcello, Teatro de Servi in Via del Mortaro in Fontana di Trevi and Teatro Quirino in Via delle Vergini.

The shows at Teatro Quirino
Let's start from Teatro Quirino, where the show Sorelle Materassi will take place from 21st November to 3rd December, by Ugo Chiti, Lucia Poli, Marilù Prati and Milena Vukotic. It is the story of the life of 3 spinsters moved by the nephew suddenly arrived in their house. It is played from Tuesdays to Sundays.

From 18th to 31st December, you can watch "Malìa Napoletana". It is a musical project by Massimo Ranieri, talking about the magic of Neapolitan music, from the end of the 50s. The band is made of Rita Marculli playing the piano, Enrico Rava playing the trumpet, Riccardo Fioravanti playing the double bass, Stefano Di Battista playing the saxophone and Stefano Bagnoli playing drums.
Another show you can't miss is "Filomena Marturano" by Eduardo De Filippo, from 2nd to 7th January 2018, by Liliana Cavani, with Mariangela D'Abbraccio. It is the story of the revenge of a woman revealing the identity of the real heir to her lover, pretending respect and love for all her three children. You can watch the “Il Lago dei cigni” by the Balletto di Roma, direction of Fabrizio Monteverde, from 13th to 18th February 2018. It is inspired to “Canto del cigno” di Cechov, with songs by Czechowski. It is the story of old people pretending to be dancers to find their youth again.

The 39 steps of John Buchan at Teatro De' Servi
Inspired to Hitchcock’s movie from 1935, this show starts on 19th December till 7th January, by Leonardo Buttaroni and Patrick Barlow. There are 40 characters played by just four actors, very good in interpreting the mood of characters with no stops.

The Divina Commedia Opera Musical at Teatro Brancaccio
It is played on just two days, on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January, written by Marco Frisina - famous soundtracks producer - directed by Andrea Ortis. This work has been famous since its first debut, in 2007. It is the attempt of interpreting Dante’s work by the interior narration of the modern man, looking for himself. Rock, Blues and Gregorian songs accompany the show.

La regina di ghiaccio at Teatro Brancaccio
Lorella Cuccarini plays the musical, from 21st December to 7th January. It is an Italian show, inspired to the Turandot by Puccini, with songs by Davide Magnabosco, Paolo Barillari and Alex Procacci, playing Classic, Blues and melody music.

The Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
Teatro dell'Opera is obviously the best of according to the program.From 12th December you can watch "La Damnation de Faust", by Goethe, music by Hector Berlioz and the French rewriting by Gerard de Nerval.

I Masnadieri at Teatro Costanzi
From 21st January to 4th February you can watch this show by Andrea Maffei, music by Verdi. Roberto Abbado and Massimi Popolizio direction. The Orchestra and the Coro are by Teatro dell'Opera di Roma.

Il Malato Immaginario, by Molière at Teatro Eliseo
From 28th November to 17th December, Gioele Dix plays the role of Molière's genius and its neurotic performances.

Aggiungi un posto a tavola at Teatro Brancaccio
You can find this show until 26th November, by the 70s couple Garinei-Giovannini. Reproduced by Alessandro Longobardi and interpreted by Gianluca Guidi, its company is made of 22 actors. This story is about holy and profane dialogues.

Richard II at Teatro Argentina
On 12th and 17th December Teatro Argentina plays Richard II, William Shakespeare's masterpiece directed by Peter Stein, who gave a very unusual role to the main character.

Ragazzi di Vita by Pier Paolo Pasolini at Teatro Argentina From 21st December to 7th January, you can watch this show by Pasolini.

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