Shopping in Rome: Maximo Shopping Center, the new large shopping center in Rome

Rome is famous for its millennial history, its iconic monuments and its delicious cuisine, but it is also a paradise for shoppers. If you are a shopping enthusiast and want to explore the latest fashion trends, luxury stores and a wide selection of products, then Maximo Shopping Center is the perfect place for you. In this article, we will explore everything there is to know about this great new mall in Rome.

Maximo Shopping Center: A New Shopping Experience
Strategically located in the south-west of Rome, Maximo Shopping Center is the newest and most modern shopping center in the city. With a large sales area spanning several floors, Maximo offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and services to meet every shopping need.

What you’ll find at Maximo Shopping Center
Fashion and Clothes
If you are a fashionista looking for the latest trends, Maximo Shopping Center is the place. You will find a wide range of clothing stores ranging from high fashion brands to more affordable ones. Whether you are looking for stylish clothes, casual clothing or stylish accessories, here you will find everything you want.

Electronics and Technology
Technology lovers will be fascinated by the selection of state-of-the-art electronics stores at Maximo Shopping Center. From mobile devices to computers, to the most innovative accessories, you’ll be spoiled for choice to meet your technology needs.

Food and Drink
Shopping can be tiring, but at Maximo Shopping Center you can take a break at one of the many dining options. From restaurants with international cuisine to cozy cafes, here you will find food for all tastes. It’s the perfect place to recharge before continuing your shopping session.

Leisure Time and Entertainment
Maximo Shopping Center is not only a place for shopping, but also for fun and entertainment. Some malls offer cinemas, children’s playgrounds and even spaces for special events. You can spend a whole day here, never getting bored.

Services and Amenities
Maximo Shopping Center is committed to making your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. You’ll find amenities like large, secure car parks, luggage storage, free Wi-Fi, and more. Families with small children will also be happy to discover that the centre has diaper change areas and nursing spaces.

Opening Hours and How to get there
Maximo Shopping Center is open seven days a week, making your shopping in Rome extremely convenient.
You can easily reach it by public transport or by car, thanks to its well connected location. If you’re looking for a complete shopping experience in Rome, you can’t miss Maximo Shopping Center. With a wide selection of shops, restaurants and services, it is the ideal place to spend a day of shopping and fun. So, put on your most comfortable sneakers and get ready for an unforgettable shopping day at Maximo Shopping Center!


For this location we recommend The Inn at the Spanish Steps, ideal for discovering Rome thanks to its strategic location.

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