Surroundings of Rome: the Blue Flags of Lazio

Surroundings of Rome, the blue flags of Lazio
History, culture, tradition, folklore and the sea: the Eternal City is a sort of open-air paradise, a place to see at least once in your life to experience an exciting journey to discover beauties unique in the world. Rome is so rich, as well as its surroundings, appearing so worth to the eyes of tourists. A few steps from the capital, there actually are other places to see, not featured by the same millennial history or appeal, but pretty and interesting for other reasons. The prestigious "Blue Flag" award obtained from some places in Lazio confirms the tourist heritage, in addition to the historical, artistic and cultural masterpieces of the capital.
It is a leading region according to the number of Blue Flags in Italy - awarded according to important parameters of an environmental, structural and organizational nature. We are talking about the beautiful beaches of the Tyrrhenian, for years tourist destinations of a large number of Italian and foreign visitors. Some of these areas are surrounded by the Circeo promontory, whereas others have the privilege of being able to boast natural caves of extreme beauty. Places enhanced by the local institutions’ peculiar environmental protection, to guarantee the maximum cleanliness of the surrounding nature, and to actually deserve the greatest respect of the visitors.

From Latina to Terracina, across Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo
Let's begin the fascinating journey along the outskirts of Rome, across the Blue flags of Lazio, starting from Latina and its pleasant and long coastline. It is characterized by the cleanliness of the sea, a high number of equipped facilities and a series of restaurants where you can taste the delicious and genuine local dishes. There, you can dedicate some precious time to the small and charming ancient villages of Sermoneta and Norma. In addition, prestigious flag was acknowledged to Sabaudia, a beautiful town with a few kilometres long beach, surrounded by the charm of the Mediterranean forest. The splendid water, the sparkling air of the Circeo, the presence of functional services, and the possibility to spend quiet make Sabaudia a very popular place for tourists.
A few kilometres from Sabaudia, along the Pontine coast you can find San Felice Circeo, a well-known place, appreciated for its clean waters and golden sand. Thanks to the surrounding promontory and the Mediterranean forest, the landscape is suggestive and spectacular. Due to the climatic features of the Circeo National Park, the area is particularly suitable for surfing and windsurfing. But here, thanks to the beautiful seabed, even diving offers strong and extraordinary emotions. As San Felice to Circeo, Terracina is a place has been awarded as Blue flag several times in the last years. Terracina is also remarkable because of a rich nightlife, reason why it is one of the places most attended by young people, along the Lazio coast. Not only sea, beach and nightlife: in Terracina, there are Monte S. Angelo, the Cathedral of San Cesareo and the new neighbourhoods along the coast you can't miss.

Sperlonga, Gaeta, Ventotene, and Trevignano Romano
The town of Sperlonga and its fabulous beaches play an important role in the surroundings of Rome, among the Blue flags of Lazio. You have so many opportunities there, because the beaches to visit are so many, including those of Canzatora, Fontana and Bazzano. A rich vegetation and splendid caves increase the tourist attraction of Sperlonga. If you are in the area, do not forget to visit the famous Tiberio Cave and the National Archaeological Museum. Let's continue our journey among the Blue flags of Lazio, going to one of the most beautiful and evocative destinations in the entire region: Gaeta. Miles of beach characterized by fascinating inlets and rocks. A place with origins referring to historical myths, and an historical centre, with sumptuous monuments. In Gaeta, you can't miss the Aragonese Castle, the Church of San Giovanni a Mare and the Cathedral of Sant'Erasmo.
Another pearl of Lazio is Ventotene, the small island of the Tyrrhenian, very crowded during the summer months. The pride of the island is Cala Nave beach, where you will get enchanted by the beautiful surrounding nature, the extraordinary sea, and the softness of the sand. A real natural gem not to be missed. Let's end the trip around in Trevignano Romano. Awarded in 2018, in this place located in the northern part of Lake Bracciano, it is worth visiting the historical centre, the Civic Museum and the Church della Madonna Assunta in cielo. The medieval village, on the slopes of Monte di Rocca Romana, is also ideal for a relaxing walk through history and art, with several clubs overlooking the lake, perfect for spending a few hours enjoying the view. If you want, you can visit the Natural Park of the Bracciano-Martignano, a protected area with many different species of animals and a rich flora. A place to spend a few hours surrounded by the spell of an unspoilt nature. Thanks to the Blue Flag, the town of Trevignano Romano has rightfully become part of the most accessible and pleasant beaches of Lazio.
All the tourist locations of great interest are situated just a few kilometres from Rome, they are easily accessible, and they deserve to be visited with extreme care to discover beautiful natural beauties. During a stay in the Eternal City, missing the opportunity to visit the surroundings of the city would be a pity, because the environmental and tourist heritage of the Lazio region coast do deserves great attention. In addition to it, the tour of the Blue Flags of Lazio is facilitated by an efficient communication network and a short distance from Rome.

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