The Palazzo delle Esposizioni: a place where to find art, cinema and music

Walking around the city centre, you will surely see a big building characterized by a Neoclassic style from the second half of the 19th century. Inside of this wonderful building, there are ten thousand square metres of expositions. The internal space is divided in three levels, and it is dedicated to original and peculiar exposition. Nowadays it is one of the most important cultural centres in Italy, but also in the South of Europe. Day by day, it offers quality projects, able to create new emotions and share new ideas. Local policies have been developed over years and years of improvements, to guarantee anyone a high quality of reception.
Every year, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome is enriched by cultural exchanges with other important institutions worldwide. The Palazzo delle Esposizioni can actually be considered a benchmark for the European culture. In addition to simple art exhibitions, also other events take place: theatre, photography, cinema, and any kind of exhibition. It has become a great platform for cultural exchanges dedicated to anybody.

The exposition area
The area dedicated to the exposition is situated on two levels, and it includes 3 autonomous exposition spaces. These areas are surrounded by vertical walls with a neutral background, in order any kind of exposition can be set there. All the rooms have been designed to highlight some parts of the exhibitions, enhancing different aspects. Even the lighting deserves great attention, since it was designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi. In the rooms, there are suspended and motorized panels. Peculiar lighting systems characterize these panels, in order to enhance some specific parts of the works of art. They are very flexible and can adapt themselves to different events. For example, in case of very small exhibition, they put the panels in an inferior position, to decrease the monumental effect of the room. In addition to it, the exposition information help participants to follow the tour in the best way they can.

What exhibitions take place there?
Since its beginning, the exhibition area of this building has hosted different types of art. From 2007 on, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni has dedicated his spaces to the 20th century art, helping its guests to discover artists such as Mark Rothko, Giorgio De Chirico, Mario Ceroli, and Stanley Kubrick. American Pop-art, Soviet Realism, Cubism, Dadaism and Futurism are styles that have been able to catch the attention of the audience in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Without forgetting a big space is dedicated to the previous century photography. In particular, renowned artists such as Mimmo Jodice, Robert Doisneau, Helmut Newton and others have been exhibited. Thanks to the efforts of important international newspapers, such as the National Geographic, it has been possible to exhibit documentary reportages, such as the ones about the Mexican Revolution or the Prague Spring.

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni: a big cultural place in the heart of Rome
Art is not the only one protagonist of this great building: science is another guest together with technological discoveries, programming languages, and so on. The doors of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni are opened for the future as well as for the past: anybody can find what they look for without any difficulties. It is also one of the few locations able to mix religion to science, showing exhibitions about Darwin, explaining the evolution but also hosting religious works. That's because this building is a meeting point for culture and different points of view.

The most important restorations of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni
By the time, the building has been restored several times, to become what you can see nowadays. One of the most important ones took place from 1981 to 1989, by Costantino Dardi. Between 2003 and 2007, it was partially rebuilt by the ADBR studio, especially by Michele Beccu, Filippo Raimondo, and other experts. In that occasion, it has partially rebuilt according to new contemporary techniques and materials according to a modern pro-climate approach. An example of it is there glass greenhouse added to the building. In addition to all this, new elevators have been built for the visitors. During the renovation works new good lifts connected to offices, customers and internal storage is have been built, without affecting the exhibition halls. All these innovations have provided the building with useful corridors to move the exhibitions works. During the renovation, many design problems were solved, connected to limitations of movement in the building. For example the quality of the air conditioning system has been improved, improving the airflow in the halls. Microclimatic control of the works of art has also been added, crucial for their correct preservation over time.

All the features of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni
There is also a cinema room with 139 seats. There is an auditorium made of 96 seats, a multifunctional forum, a bar, a big library, and an enormous restaurant for 240 seats. It offers numerous possibilities to the guests, in order they can take advantage of the several services available, taking advantage of 360° knowledge experience.

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