Unforgettable toasts? Sure with friends in the best clubs of Rome

Is there a more magic and attracting place than Rome to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends, as a one of a kind and unforgettable event? A fantastic location, attracting tourists from all over the world thanks to its shining atmosphere of the Christmas holidays.

The capital gets shining and decorated by Christmas trees, during Christmas festivities, playing the perfect atmosphere to welcome tourists and visitors.

There are so many amazing events to celebrate it enjoying it: if you book them in advance, clubs will offer you the greatest place to start the new year in an amazing way.


New Year’s Eve in Rome for an unforgettable toast

Rome never stops astonishing you, proposing you its history, its traditions, its breathtaking beauty during the Christmas period, interesting and amazing events in the city centre as in the outskirts.

There are so many locations where to toast together, waiting for the new year with enthusiasm. Outdoors to enjoy the beauty of the capital around the merry streets or in the clubs, you can feel free to enjoy unforgettable moments.

Restaurants, castles, nightclubs or squares give you a special one of a kind atmosphere, perfectly planning the party. But… hot to choose your best one?

If you love romanticism, what’s better than celebrating New Year’s Eve in a spectacular ancient house? Meticulously decorated, peculiar and exclusive, there are many locations in Appia Antica street, where to jump in a surreal atmosphere, a fantastic background that become shining for the occasion, showing the elegance and the exclusivity of the place, thanks to luxurious Christmas decorations.

One of them is Casale Tea, one of the most beautiful houses in Rome, offering a rich menu feast, Christmas desserts and midnight toast.

You can going on with your celebrations in the disco, enjoying the new Year’s Eve, in the sumptuous house, dancing until late night.


New Year’s Eve at Royal Art Cafè at the Colosseum

Is there a more spectacular experience than a toast near the Colosseum to enjoy the beauty of Rome?

The great amphitheater, made of stonework arches representing the capital history, is the framework of important, elegant and shinig clubs. The terraces of the luxurious restaurants face on a one of kind scenary, where to enjoy a delicious feast, listening to a sweet grand piano background music. A midnight toast and so on with the musica, to animate the longest night of the year. The Royal Art Cafè is situated in front of the Colosseum, welcoming tourists and visitors, offering a perfectly planned party: the ground floor is made of 3 restaurant rooms for the customers, the bar offers tasty and spectacular cocktails, the roof garden on the Colosseum is greatly shining.

The program for New Year’s Eve is: New Year’s Eve feast, countdown, midnight toast and disco music.

In front of the Colosseum there is also the Hostaria al Gladiatore, remembering the ancient Rome in a fantastic and attractive scenary. The club offers a traditional Roman menu, masterly cooked by great chefs. An exclusive ball is waiting for you, based on the Roman character seducing in no time.


New Year’s Eve in the square in Rome

To paint the town and celebrate it all together, Rome organizes New Year’s Eve in the square. Fori Imperiali, Popolo square, Spagna square, Navona square welcome all the people meeting to spend the most important event of the year outdoor.

The countdown is waited for listening to live music, cabaret shows to enjoy people in a goliardic atmosphere. If you stay in a hotel, after the feast, you can’t miss this occasion, so well organized as you can find only in the capital, in the merry crowd, toasting with your Spumante.


The castle: a fantastic location for a magic event

Celebrating festivities in a castle is a one of a kind fantastic experience: mixing the event with a luxurious and magic location you can enjoy the merry atmosphere, fantastic and enchanting.

Don’t take part to rowdy celebrations, but jenjoy a luxurious and intimate location. The ancient walls, the rooms decorated with frescos and Christmas garlands,  mix past and present, launching you in a fantastic trip in the Middle Ages.

Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome hosts the elegance of an ancient house, with its majestic spaces, the noble furniture, the outdoors.

It is perfect for the celebrations, in an exclusive and deserving way. The dinner party will start at 8.30 pm, serving a refined and a menu meticulously cared for the occasion. The soft background music will entertain the guests, until midnight. And as it’ll come, you will celebrate it with the toast, happily welcoming the new year. Celebrations will last for all the night, enjoying great music of important and famous deejays.


New Year’s Eve in Rome

As you decided to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Rome, if you like the theatre, you can evaluate the option of spending the 31st night planning a spectacular night. You can choose intellectual or funny comedies, toasting at midnight with the actors, making that night a rich and cultural special event. Famous actors such as Brignano, will celebrate the event with a special show at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, the mythic theatre piece “Natale in casa Cupiello” at Parioli theatre.

Do you want to stay in Rome?

For this location we recommend The Inn At The Roman Forum, a luxury residence in the center of Rome with a modern design.

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