Unmissable events during the Roman summer

Rome is a never sleeping city: numerous events take place during the autumn and the winter, to attract citizens and tourists. However, the number of events taking place during the summer astonishes: the Italian capital gets full of visitors that want to discover all its secrets. The city offers so much: culture, art, architecture, history and glamorous life. That’s why Rome is a city where you enjoy and relax for sure. It is the perfect place for a holiday for everybody. Rome is a place with no age, where the Italian history gets alive, astonishing the public.

Why is Rome so famous?
Rome is not famous because it is the Italian capital, only. There are many other reasons making it an international and in evolution city, you have to visit once at least in your life. Life in Rome is frenetic: two millions of inhabitants make it never sleeping, going around the best discotheques and night clubs, rich in young people.
If you love stay awake till the sunrise, especially during the summer, there are lots of events for you: concerts etc.
You will not know what to choose, but you will be sure you’ll enjoy yourself, in the unforgettable and suggestive atmosphere the city offers.

Rome: the capital of the Italian art and culture
Rome has got a lot of things to offer you, especially artistic things. You just have to walk along the streets to discover the wonderful architecture, by the ancient times of the Italian history.
It is a romantic and evocative atmosphere, making you reflecting during the day, becoming the perfect scenery for photography and art lovers.
The symbol of the city is the Colosseum, of course. It is a majestic masterpiece you have to visit, to have a short trip in the ancient times, during the Roman domination. During the summer, lots of excursions take place to visit it: you will be able to know and discover its history, told by some expert tourist guides.
The trips often take place around the city streets: we suggest you to do them, to have a general perspective of the Roman history, art and monuments. Especially during the summer, cultural events take place in the amphitheatre: concerts, theatre shows and so on. They are special events, by international artist, always happy to exhibit themselves, surrounded by the majesty of the Colosseum scenography.
So, if you can, please attend these events that mix history and Roman art entertainment.

Roman food and traditions: they never blend in
Rome is not only a city to be visited by history, art and glamorous life lovers. It offers also its food traditions, famous all over the world. During the summer, lots of food events take place, to share the typical Roman flavours, in particular restaurants, selling typical products. We are talking about one of a kind moments and touching atmospheres, you can’t miss: tasting typical Roman dishes means to know the roots and the traditions of the city.
The Italian food is famous, it is well known, together with the Dieta Mediterranea, but the Roman cultural and food tradition is even more peculiar and special.
As any Italian city, Rome still saves special dishes, made by tricks and old secrets, bringing you back in lost times.
Tasting its food, you can discover the essence and the soul of the city. The atmosphere characterizing the moment of the meal in the city centre restaurants, maybe in front of the Colosseum, is amazing and unforgettable.
During the summer, having your meal at the open air, thanks to the warm temperature, is amazing, to admire the history and the essence of the city, tasting its flavours. Surely, it is the perfect scenery for a love date that can’t fail so planned.

Rome, a wonderful city during the winter and the summer
So why visiting the city during the summer is so important?
Not only for the good weather, the beautiful days and to visit the Italian beaches, too.
Not only to plan a romantic candlelight date, in an evocative club, facing in front of the Roman amphitheatre. Not only to taste the never stopping glamorous life of the city. Not only for its history , evolving together with its inhabitants. And not only for the events only, planned day by day, to assure you a great entertaining holiday.
Visiting the capital during the summer means to taste its soul and its heart, catching millions of unforgettable pictures, during the long sunny days of Rome. It means to live a completely entertaining and art holiday, to explore a city full of life and surprises, like Rome is.

Do you want to stay in Rome?

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