Vintage shops and fashion boutiques in Rome

Famous brands boutiques, vintage and much more. In addition to the beautiful works of architecture, Rome opens to shopping, offering several possibilities. Elite shops and large franchises: Rome has something for everyone and every budget. Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Piazza Navona, Via Cola di Rienzo, and so on: the offer is very huge and great for the nostalgic 70s lovers, but also for young people looking for trendy deals, buying those bell-bottom jeans they saw in their parents pictures.
The capital offers both fashionable but unconventional alternatives, favoring any potential customer. In each area of the city, there are different options depending on the type of shopping you are looking for. The city centre streets are perfect for admiring articles of big names: Jimmy Choo, Fendi, and Trussardi are just some of the brands standing out there.
The secondary streets, the less touristic areas and so the best known by the Roman citizens will be more suitable for vintage items and for a tour of the fashion boutiques. You can find every type of item, from hats to leather jackets, vintage belts and wedding dresses. Let's see the best districts for a crazy shopping.

Recently, vintage fashion has become very common. Any kind of vintage items is trendy again, such as the leather jackets, the soldiers’ outfits, the Chanel' bags, and 20s dresses. The vintage is now a must have, and the Monti district Rome offers several peculiar shops fitting the various purposes according to the type of merchandise they sell: old-fashioned dresses or modern ones.
Almost out of the district, there is a shop selling 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion clothes, perfect for anyone still loving the then style, with its bell-bottom jeans and famous leather jackets. Moving to the centre of the district, the offer of luxury vintage gets broader and finer.
Ladylike clothes, accessories, shoes of delicate workmanship, everything is available in these small shops, selling high quality items, perfect for ladies and for those who want a jump back in the past.
There are also several shops selling current trendy items, for very cheap prices.

Symbol of the "Dolce vita", of elegance and luxury: Rome is the best city for a VIP' life. You can find many boutiques walking through the old town, from Gucci to Armani, and Dolce e Gabbana.
After the vintage tour, you can go around Monti district to discover a different style for your outfit. In Via del Boschetto, in the middle of the district, you can find very important shops and ateliers.
But if you are looking for the famous brands, their shops are situated in the centre of the capital, and they are so many!
You can depart from Piazza di Spagna, through the Tridente streets: Via Condotti, Via Borgognona, and Via Frattina host the most important brands in Rome. Bulgari, Tiffany, Versace are just some of the names you will find walking through these charming streets of the capital, the best ones for clothing purchases.
The famous Via del Corso is also worth of a visit, until it ends in Piazza del Popolo, matching famous and cheaper brands, and it is very beautiful for its wonderful monuments.

You can't resist the charm of a boutique. The made-to-measure garments, the high-quality workmanship, the quality you can see at the first glance will make you fall in love with the clothes you see before to wear them.
Another very peculiar honour Rome has is the presence of famous hat shops. Near Piazza Navona, in Via del Governo Vecchio, there is a little but very elegant shop, in an area not too crowded by the tourists, where also several antiques shops are.
Don't forget Via del Campo Marzio, parallel to Via del Corso, where several shops and laboratories are situated. It is the beating heart of the capital, where to do shopping, admiring majestic buildings and views, in the most famous streets in Rome.

Rome is a city you have to experience at your best, for this reason, the best way to enjoy its charm is to get lost around its streets, to discover its villages and find the shop of your dreams.

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