Visiting Rome: the innovative project Macro Asilo, the cosy museum

It is a completely innovative project, different from the usual standards. It seems the aim is to export it also out of Italy and Europe. Its name is "Macro Asilo", the experimental project featuring one of the most famous and visited galleries in Rome, the Macro Museum, in Via Nizza. The museum will actually become - for more than one year, until 31st December 2019 - an authentic living organism. The structure will not be only limited to four completely inanimate and passive cold walls, but it will make the relation and the encounter its main and essential dogmas, for an osmotic sharing of ideas, on which culture should be totally based. Are you ready to start this travel in the most real culture? Let's go!

The plan
The plan is by Giorgio De Finis. It is an idea whose ambitious aim is to give birth again to meeting point between art and the city, an intentionally omitted and too much often forgotten relationship. This experimentation will take place at the Macro - Museum of Contemporary Art - in Via Nizza, precisely because of the function it has always played for the city and its visitors. A function concerning not only the production of a knowledge nearly always offered in the shape of objective and cold notions, but also its sharing. The resulting idea will be an art at the service of curious passionate people, usual as well as occasional ones. The Macro Asilo of Rome is the initial embryo of a project with a wider artistic capability. Its propagation means to amplify itself to be a complementary institution, next to others, such as the Galleria Nazionale. The aim is to do it offering a wide point of view to the citizens.

Its organization
The departing point was a almost completely different management of the spaces and their settings. Everyone of these aspects has been thought and designed by another important person: architect Carmelo Baglivo. Once crossed the entrance of the museum, you will instantaneously discover the break with the past.
You will have the opportunity to visit the museum and its osmotic spaces in a free and casual way, walking around rooms from the Forum room, to the so-called "Tavolo dei Tavoli" - Table of Tables -, a work created for the occasion by Michelangelo Pistoletto. Between the preparations realised in occasion of the event itself, there is the room called "Rome", written as the plural declination of the city. There is then the room of the words, so called for giving prominence to the dictionary currently used from the society. In addition to this precious list, there is the room of the media, the one of the radio and the ateliers.
They include a four associations complex, as the emergent artists will be able to create and realise their works of art. Lastly, not in order of importance, you will be able to live and visit three artist's associations, pavilions where shared projects and installations will be set, in addition to other 50 rooms.

Opening and arrangement of spaces
The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm, except on Saturday, when it closes at 10 pm. The programming doesn't have rigid and predetermined schemes, but it is rather open to numerous meetings, forums, installations and practical performances where you will be the main protagonists, to let the artist feel free to make something over stable and motion limits.
The aim is to make sure sharing is the main and unmissable factor. It is also a gallery for emerging artists, to let them show you their works, aiming to obtain your appreciation and so increase their notoriety. Video broadcasts will be played daily, accompanied by lectio magistralis. In addition, there will be many events taking place on a special stage on the foyer, with music, dance and theatre to brighten the carefree hours of Saturday nights.

The careful work of selecting artists is another pivot of the Macro Asilo project. It is a rich and intense program, with no predetermined rules, with very astonishing figures:

- nearly 250 artists, everyone author of one or more works of art inside of the pavilions;
- 400 visual works, daily projected
- approximately 50 rooms for the artists;
- 100 words shared in 10 lessons, the so-called contemporary dictionary;
- 60 concerts taking place on Saturday evenings;
- nearly 1000 self-portraits;
- 180 lectio magistralis.

The artists
The list of artists perfectly fits the prestige of the events: regardless to their notoriety, they will take part to the enrichment of the exhibition. A whole the society will really be part of, as a beauty-hungry applicant. Daniel Buren, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Gianni Pettena, Melania Mazzucco, Alfredo Pirri, Gianni Asdrubali, Giuseppe Stampone, Fabrizio Crisafulli, Giovanni Albanes, Dora Garcia, Pietro Gilardi, Wim Wenders, Liliana Moro, and Stalker: an international group of artists therefore, from completely different cultural and geographical contexts. Each one of them will leave an indelible trace in the Macro Asilo project, by a constant and consequential accumulation that will always be in your memory. This naturally formed archive will also shared by the precious help of the modern social networks, the resonance box par excellence. In addition to the artists listed above, others will take part to the project, although they will not actively participate with their works, but offering and presiding interesting lectio magistralis. Some examples are: Paul Preciado, Sally Price, Giacomo Marramao, Carlo Ratti, Alessandro Del Lago, Peter Weibel, Serena Giordano, Don Thompson and so on.

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