Visiting Rome it's always nice. Rich in museums, artistic and architectural beauties, for many people, the capital remains the most beautiful city in the world and its charm rightly gives it the name of the eternal city.


You will surely know the Tiber Island, in the Tiber river in Rome, connected to the "mainland" by two bridges; but you perhaps don't know its history, its legends and the beauties you can't miss to admire at least once in your life.


Coppedè district is one of Rome's districts boasting an extraordinary charm. Not well known and famous as other parts of the city, it would be a shame to go to the capital and not spend a whole day in this neighbourhood.


Nemi: the strawberries' town
Nemi is an Italian town of the metropolitan Roman area, situated in the heart of the Lazio Appennines, and also the smallest in the area of the Castelli Romani.


Rome. The capital. The Eternal City. The magic one.


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