If you are in the enchanting Rome, you cannot miss the famous Palazzo Farnese located in Caprarola (province of Viterbo); it is less than 100 km from the capital and it is open every day (except on Mondays) from 09. 30am to 7. 30pm.


When you visit Rome, you have to dedicate some days exclusively to shopping. In particular, we are talking about making authentic shopping among the artisan shops that sell absolutely local products and far from the marketing department stores.


One of the most striking spots in Rome is the Palazzo del Quirinale, the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic, a complex of rare beauty built in the late 1500s.


If you are in Rome or planning a trip to the capital, you will surely be well informed about cultural and artistic events as well as about monuments of historical interest.


Rome is a versatile city suitable for tourists of any age and background. In addition to the several historical and artistic attractions, there are many cultural events in any season in the capital.


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