The Pantheon, ancient masterpiece of architecture and engineering
The Pantheon - that means "temple of all the gods", in Greek - is an historical building showing its majesty in the heart of Rome.


Trajan's Market: its history
Trajan's Market takes its name from the great Roman emperor who built it. It is the first big covered market ever built, near the Foro di Trajano, the greatest imperial forum.


The Fascination of the Horti Farnesiani
The Horti Farnesiani on the Palatino hill is the first botanic gardens in Rome, and the name comes from the ancient noble family owner of the area: the Farnese's.


If you are spending a few days in Rome, we suggest you make a little detour and visit Subiaco. The town, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located less than 70 km from the capital, and it is easily accessible.


The Bocca della Verità and its Legends
The Bocca della Verità - that means "mouth of the truth" - is the protagonist of several legends from the ancient times, and they can't be missed.


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