Horns, horseshoes, shamrocks, purifying rituals, correct and incorrect practices . . . superstition can be expressed in several ways and it is something even the most unexpected ones join.


If you go south of Rome, you will certainly discover a very famous neighbourhood called Europa, more commonly known as Eur, the 32nd district of the capital. It is a developing neighbourhood, with a modern and extremely cutting-edge style.


When you think about Rome, imagination runs to one of the images that most often identifies the city: the Capitoline Wolf. However, few people know the history of this mythological figure and the importance it has always had for the capital and its inhabitants.


Around the world, there are many lost villages, ghost towns once rich in life and then completely abandoned.


Giorgio De Chirico is one of the most famous painters of the twenty-first century, an artist who profoundly revolutionized art, deeply close to Rome, where he lived for about 30 years, from 1944 to 1978, when he died.


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