Hidden beneath the modern urban fabric of Rome lies an archaeological treasure of immeasurable value: the Neopythagorean Basilica of Porta Maggiore. This extraordinary underground structure, unique in its kind, represents a fascinating blend of mystery, art, and history.


Imagine sipping a coffee surrounded by masterpieces that tell the story of Italian art. Today, this is possible, and the place we're talking about is the Caffè Museo Atelier Canova Tadolini in Rome.


Hidden among the cobblestone streets and shaded squares of Ariccia, a picturesque municipality nestled in the gentle hills of the Castelli Romani, lies a culinary gem that has delighted the palates of Italians and foreigners alike for centuries: porchetta.


The Vatican Gardens, often inaccessible to the public, stand as one of the most fascinating hidden gems of Vatican City.


Among the lesser-known gems that you can find in the outskirts of Rome, there is undoubtedly the Villa Romana di Domiziano.