Loved by the scholar Pier Paolo Pasolini and by the Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek, Testaccio district, located in the south-west area of the Eternal City, is a real open-air museum: experiencing it means to immerse yourself in a world of history made up of different ages.


The famous actor Vittorio Gassman also said it, when he performed in his very peculiar personal interpretation reading the menu: Thursday, dumplings . . .


Palazzo Barberini
Palazzo Barberini, located in via Quattro Fontane, a few steps from Piazza Barberini in Rome, is the seat of the National Gallery of Ancient Art and the Italian Institute of Numismatics.


If you want to spend a great day full of culture, a visit to the medieval village of Nettuno is what you have to do.


Horns, horseshoes, shamrocks, purifying rituals, correct and incorrect practices . . . superstition can be expressed in several ways and it is something even the most unexpected ones join.