Palazzo Barberini
Palazzo Barberini, located in via Quattro Fontane, a few steps from Piazza Barberini in Rome, is the seat of the National Gallery of Ancient Art and the Italian Institute of Numismatics.


If you want to spend a great day full of culture, a visit to the medieval village of Nettuno is what you have to do.


Horns, horseshoes, shamrocks, purifying rituals, correct and incorrect practices . . . superstition can be expressed in several ways and it is something even the most unexpected ones join.


If you go south of Rome, you will certainly discover a very famous neighbourhood called Europa, more commonly known as Eur, the 32nd district of the capital. It is a developing neighbourhood, with a modern and extremely cutting-edge style.


When you think about Rome, imagination runs to one of the images that most often identifies the city: the Capitoline Wolf. However, few people know the history of this mythological figure and the importance it has always had for the capital and its inhabitants.


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