Garbatella is one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Rome. Definitely quieter than many other areas of the city, it is a liveable place since it is on a human scale, lively and at the same time trendy.


The greatness of Rome can be seen not only in its artistic, cultural and historical attractions but also in the great dishes of Roman cuisine, famous throughout the peninsula and imitated by the greatest Italian chefs.


Among the most famous monuments in Rome, the mausoleum of Augustus - dating back to the I century B. C. - has been protagonist of several events, and it has recently been restored: it is ready to show its majesty to the public.


The Botanical Garden of Rome is not only the destination of many school trips, but also a beautiful garden that deserves a visit for the numerous plant species representing a real outdoor museum.


The Roman canzone has much older origins than anyone could expect. It actually developed in the Middle Ages, and since then, it has been reflecting and describing the customs, the mentality and the beliefs of the inhabitants of Rome and its surroundings.


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