As well as being considered the Eternal City and one of the most beautiful places in the world, Rome is also the capital of cinema. Indeed, over the years, this location has been chosen to tell stories about love and friendship, noir and international intrigue.


Agostino Chigi, also called the Magnificent, was born in Siena in 1466, but he became famous in Rome, at the head of the Chigi bank. He was a successful entrepreneur, as well as a banker and a ship-owner.


Raffaello Sanzio from Urbino, known simply as "Raphael", is considered one of the three masters of the Renaissance, together with Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Raffaello worked on a set of works that inspired the European painters of later generations.


If you are in the enchanting Rome, you cannot miss the famous Palazzo Farnese located in Caprarola (province of Viterbo); it is less than 100 km from the capital and it is open every day (except on Mondays) from 09. 30am to 7. 30pm.


When you visit Rome, you have to dedicate some days exclusively to shopping. In particular, we are talking about making authentic shopping among the artisan shops that sell absolutely local products and far from the marketing department stores.


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