Live again the charme of the ancient Roman Forum, thanks to Piero Angela futuristic show

Fori Imperiali in Rome live again thanks to the cultural initiative by Comune di Roma, in cooperation with Piero Angela, the famous scientific popularizer, Paco Lanciano, the Physicist, and the Cultural Goods Authority of the city.
The show is characterized by projections, videos and Angela’s voice, guiding the visitors around Cesare and Augusto Forums.

The charme of the ancient Fori Imperiali
Have you ever imagined walking around the Fori Imperiali to experience the ancient Rome events, as in a sort of hologram?
The project, named “archeoshow”, is something very similar to what really happened in Giulio Cesare and Augusto’s forums, the two emperors leaving a strong benchmark in Rome history, making the city great.

The experience, you can live until November 2017, is called “Travelling around the ancient Rome”, by Piero Angela, Paco Lanciano and also Gaetano Capasso.
2017 is the third year during which is possible to experience this new way of having a great tour, guided by a fantastic guide.
Visitors have headphones to listen to Piero Angela voice, following the staff leading them along this unique show.

During the last years, tens of visitors appreciated the journey in the ancient Rome and special effects, projections and other technical features can still go on making stones talking. As a matter of fact, everywhere you excavate in Rome, you find something and Fori Imperiali were discovered by a 1500 workers team, commissioned to level a district, to open the most beautiful street in the world.
Also many old videos show the creation of Fori Imperiali street, witnessing the countless effort made excavating so deeply, to find something great.

Ancient Rome was 20 metres underground and using invasive means to excavate was not possible, in order to prevent any damages to the remains, as it actually happened. The outstanding success comes from the possibility of listening to the story told in 8 different languages Angela speaks very well, such as English, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish and, obviously, Italian.
The narration comes with a perfect music, making the spectator part of the show.

Reconstruction of the 3D tour in Rome
The revolutionary aspect of it is the 3D reconstruction of 2 emperor’s spaces, in an evolution of emotions throwing the spectator in the 2000 years ago Roman life.
The places have been faithfully reproduced, thanks to lights and projections, as computers make virtual life, enriched by scientific high level explanations and information meticulously chronicled.

Travelling around Cesare Forum
By Fori Imperiali street you can get into the ancient forum of Giulio Cesare, starting your archaeological experience from Venus Temple remains, wanted by Giulio Cesare to celebrate his victory against Pompeo. There you can see the pictures about Roman people daily life, while they are walking, doing shopping, going to military bases, to the Senate, along the porticos.
The touching show goes on telling about offices, shops, jobs, such as the change of coins, the “nummulario”, along the famous “tabernae”, the pumping heart of the ancient city. There were also some meeting points, such as the square, but also public places, such as public toilets you can partly still see nowadays.

As often in the past, Giulio Cesare demolished some areas to build his forum too, spending a lot of money.
The new Senate is very famous, you can still see nowadays, well conserved: at the time, it was called curia and you can see its reconstruction during your trip, full of its senators and triumvirs discussing about the densely populated city and the growing empire.
There were more than 1 million inhabitants, the biggest number of the ancient times. Videos and pictures show you how the Senate was losing its power, while Cesare understood he could concentrate it in his hands.
Discovering this enigmatic, genius and strategical character is a unique occasion, even if he finally got killed. He is described as a great leader and a refined politician, able to obtain consensus but also hate of his enemies.

Augusto Forum
Augusto Forum is situated along Alessandrina street and you can see some perfectly preserved marbles on the buildings.
The emperor made people celebrate him as a God, ordering the creation of a 12 metres statue near the Marte Ultore Temple.
You can see some great effect representations of his forum too, served with lights, music and evocative sounds, making you understand the personality of this Roman emperor. History remembers him as the one who made Rome prodigious, thanks to the great conquests and the wealth. The empire reached its maximum expansion during that period, stretching to North African coasts and to the current United Kingdom, to Minor Asia and Middle East, you can see thanks to the architectural and urban remains, witnessing the intense military activity of Roman people.

As Piero Angela says, they didn’t just conquer limitless territories, but also exported their knowledge, their engineering and military capacities, the law, Philosophy and arts off the charts.
Ancient Rome culture is still an Italian proud nowadays, thanks to the creativity known all over the world.
Augusto celebrated his successes building a forum too, where the inhabitants could meet each other and where ancient Roman life chaotically went on, in a laborious and lively city, where the games and the entertainment of the period, made it strong, powerful and famous.

Useful information about the Fori Imperiali night tour
You must buy the ticket for the tour on-line or in loco.
Dates and times change seasonally, so tours will be at 9pm and 8.40pm until 11.40pm in July and August, at 7pm and 9pm in November.
The Cesare forum tour lasts 55 minutes approximately, and every 20 minutes; Augusto’s lasts 40 minutes.
Pre-sales cost 1 euro more. If the booked tour is cancelled for bad weather conditions, you can require a reimbursement on the official web site, at the end of the home page.
If you get there late, it is now sure you can take part to the following tour.

The ticket price is 15 euros, the reduced one is 10 euros for categories such as soldiers, tourist guides or registered journalists, while it is free for people older than 65, disabled people with handlers and 74% minimum disabled people, as the Fori are furnished with facilities for disabled people, who will be able to take part to both the tours on the same day.

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