The souls of Campo de’ Fiori: folk market during the day and movida during the night

If you want to visit Rome too, you can’t miss some of the most typical areas. Don’t miss Saint Peter square, the Colosseum, but don’t forget that to really experience this city, you must visit its typical places.

That’s the reason why you absolutely have to spend some beautiful moments of your free time in Campo de’ Fiori square, one of the most beautiful places in Rome. It is a place where the city seems to go back in time: it really gets the ancient Rome, showing its fascinating and traditional features. It is one of the most important places for the inhabitants and for many tourists that every day choose to spend their relax there.

And don’t forget Campo de’ Fiori square has two very different souls in itself, granting it a great success: during the day, you can go around the daily market, but during the night you can find so many clubs and events for young people for entertainment.  


A story rich in important anecdotes

The square takes its name by the huge quantity of flowers it was filled in, making it a very pretty place. Its birth took place in 1456, when Pope Callisto III decided to make this place a meeting area, especially because it would have become a very crucial point as many important people passed and lots of buildings were built there.

What made it so famous at the beginning was the horse market, twice a week, attracting many people from all over Italy. So it became an essential point for the Roman economy, as many shops, restaurants and hotels appeared in the square, to host people coming there for economic reasons.


The market is a tradition able to renew itself from decades

When you talk about the market of Campo de’ Fiori square, you mean something related to the history of the Capital, as it actually became a real market selling everything in 1869, after having been just a horse market.

A tradition still alive as depicted in the movie Campo de’ Fiori, played by Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi in 1943, during some scenes about merchants in the square.

But there is also another historical connection, a philosophical connection we should say, because it is the square where the heretics were sent to the stake.

One of the most important of them is Giordano Bruno, a philosopher condemned because considered in favor of Galilei and Copernicus, in 1600: nowadays, you can admire his bronze statue, set there to always remember the history of this place, making the square more evocative.


The organization of the market in Campo de’ Fiori square

Over the years, the market changed just a little bit, also because it is based on the activity of agriculture or people that want to show their artistic capacities.

You can easily discover many delicious natural products on the stands: many different types of fruit and vegetables directly collected by the farmers.

You don’t have to forget you can also appreciate the artistic qualities of people who love drawing and painting, poets and musicians.

So what… an experience you absolutely have to live, because it seems to travel back in time: back to that times in which farming and arts where the main activities of life and the square was the only one way to meet people.


Typical Roman products: buying them at the market

Experiencing the city can obviously be a better experience than just visiting it. If you are ready to do it, you will understand why the Capital is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Wine and culinary typical products made this city so popular worldwide, rich in tourists every day.

At the market, you can buy flowers, fruit, vegetables but also typical products to taste delicious food of the city, such as fresh condiments for Carbonara or Amatriciana and Puttanesca. But also some typical foods such as garlic or hot peppers you must taste. If you love Roman drinks too, you can also buy the very famous Brachetto wine.


Not only market, also nightly movida

During the day, Campo de’ Fiori square is rich in people going around the market stands, but at the sunset, you can discover the other side of this place, that is also one of the reasons why it is a place where a tourist or a citizen can live great experiences, as it actually is the focus of the Capital nightlife. That’s because there are a lot of young people meeting there to sip some drinks or just have dinner with friends and, as during the last years the square has been completely renewed, there are many possibilities to do it.

So, if you want to dive in the typical Roman nightlife, you can’t miss Campo de’ Fiori square, especially at the sunset.


What can you do in Campo de’ Fiori square during the night?

As you get there at night, you will discover it is impossible to get bored, because every day, from 7pm, the clubs offer entrees and good aperitifs you can have with your friends. And this is the reason why both tourists and workers decide to have a pleasant break in one of the most beautiful and suggestive places in Rome.

You can also just taste a glass of wine in the square or get sitting in one of the clubs available.

After all, you will realize that as the more the time goes by, the more the people increase, as a demonstration of long nightlife of this place, also when it is very cold.

There’s no better place where to meet friends and chat with them, to meet new people.


Many clubs

If you want to spend some cheerful moments after work or just visit the city, Campo de’ Fiori square is just the thing for you, because you can relax yourself according to your needs. You will find restaurants and typical trattorias, where to taste typical Roman recipes. There are also many wine bars and trendy pubs, where to taste good food and alcoholic drinks. Obviously, there are also bar with tables outside, where to feel the deepest atmosphere of the place.

So that’s why if you want to really live Rome, you can’t miss Campo de’ Fiori square: you will find everything you need to relax yourself.

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